Saturday, February 20, 2021


 I have been doing a lot of soul searching about breeding the past few weeks. It is a lot of work but can be rewarding and satisfying.

First of all is the anticipation of the possibility of that one special pup being born. Secondly I think of all the people who are happy with my pups. I have worked hard to produce happy and healthy pups, which are awesome family companions. That in itself makes me feel good.  And the  joy of watching a new litter nursing away with tails up. Most litters do well and have very few problems. Then the dogs do keep me busy and I am always reading and researching new conditions that occasionally pop up. Take Skye, she is happy and healthy and a struggle to get there. But she is worth every hour of lost sleep and stress.I had to feed her by hand round the clock for two weeks straight, almost lost her twice. Today she is small but so happy and just full of life. When I watch her do the zoomies, she makes me smile. Young pups are so entertaining. 

My dogs brought me through some hard times and I could not imagine living here alone in this house with no dogs. No question they kept me going. When I see photos of my pups doing so well in their new homes even years later, it makes me so happy.  

I think to myslef that I am getting older and maybe should not have the dogs but I also think I made it this far because I do have the dogs.

I have decided to breed again but only one litter per year. When I truly can't handle it then I will stop. When spring comes I will get out in the agility area and just have some fun with the dogs. Bonnie will be staying here. She and I have been through so much together with her producing 11 pups and raising 9 of them. She is being spayed this coming week as she was a very overwhelmed mother and did not enjoy it at all. But the funny thing is that she recognizes Skye and they play together. I never thought this would happen, but she is good with Skye, a little too rough at times so I have to get after her. 

I have bred Topaz, but I don't know yet if she is expecting. This was to be my last litter. Topaz usually has smaller litters and hope she will again this time. So one more litter to enjoy and make people happy with. After that we shall see. 

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