Saturday, January 23, 2021


 I have to say that I am very blessed with the families that have come for my puppies. I know the pups will be well loved and safe. It makes all the heart ache and stress over this litter worth it. 

I still have a little tri boy who has a head tilt, did some testing and all comes back negative. Since Bonnie actually carried 11 pups there is no telling how these pups were packed in there. She raised nine of the eleven and that was still too much for her. Tons of supplementing  pups and helping her out. Bonnie will be spayed soon and I may consider a home for her if she can be where she has a job to do. A hard decision to make.

I do want a loving home for the tri boy, when he looks at you his head tilts. He has a lovely temperament and is a pretty boy. He eats and plays with the other pups, totally normal except for the head tilt. I am thinking when he is a little older acupuncture may help him. He is not for sale but I do want someone who can devote time to him. Just as you would with any other pup.

I do have the last pup to sell, he is a blue merle pup and a lovely clear blue, full white color and just enough color on his face. He was sold but the person purchasing him has to have surgery so the sale fell through. 

At the least this litter has been an experience, after 40 years of breeding Shelties, something new pops up. This is why I am having second thoughts on breeding again. I know there are people waiting on Topaz and now that she is in heat I may go ahead this one time. Maybe in two months time I will be ready for one litter of pups. 

Again I am so thankful for all the wonderful families that came for my pups. 

Everyone be safe and be well!

Blue boy in the back.

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Nancy said...

Jody, We are so happy to have one of the pups from this litter.
You graciously took us on before they were even born, and the wait was worth it!
Our little boy, soon to be registered as Jopavist On Loan From God Cooper is the perfect fit for our farm in New Hampshire. Today it is finally snowing and he went out to do his business and he was ecstatic! You are an amazing breeder with fantastic pedigreed Shelties. Thank you!