Wednesday, February 3, 2021


 Skye is the little girl who struggled to live, she had such a will, it was unbelievable. I tube fed her round the clock every two to three hours to keep her going. By her second week she was starting to nurse and I would separate the others while she nursed. One night she started to fade and I did what I could for her, glucose to keep her from dehydrating, feeding right before bed time. When I went to bed that night I was so sad as I thought for sure she would be gone. She was still with us in the morning. I had some puppy nutrocal which was vitamins and minerals for fading pups. I started with that, and went back to the tube. I had tried a bottle with her and she just did not like it at all. She started to improve, so I made sure that along with the feeding she nursed every two hours. This is what kept her going. She started to really grow and when she nursed she hung on for dear life. Her little brother that I had been feeding had really picked up fast, nursed along with her. By the time she was three weeks I knew she was going to make it. I still had her nurse without the others as that is what really brought her along. I started baby cereal early as the substance would be good for all the pups. Skye had her own little dish and was eating very well. I finally could relax. Now at 10 weeks, she is still very small but as feisty as they come and she makes me smile all the time. Bonnie was done with the pups at three weeks which is not usual. I had to hold her for them to feed and I did that until they were over four weeks and then I stopped. She had been so overwhelmed with so many pups and just did not enjoy being a mother. But now she and Skye actually play a little and I believe Bonnie realizes that Skye is hers.At eight weeks they went for their vet check. Skye had developed a cough and you could hear her breathing. I did not like the sounds of that, she could not get her shot as she had pneumonia and had to be treated. Fourteen days of antibiotics and she is fine. She has learned her name, knows go potty on the papers, too cold for her to go out yet and she knows "are you hungry"? All the pups learned that so quick. I would get them out to play in the morning while I fixed their breakfast and I would ask them if they were hungry, it was so cute, they would all sit around me and watch the food get ready.

Skye went for a check up on Monday and she is all clear of any illness. She had her shot and is so full of energy. Looking back I would not want to go through that again, ever. It was so stressful and Bonnie was so overwhelmed. Shelties don't have litters of 11. I was fortunate to raise 9 of the 11 pups.

Skye was worth every bit of the stress and I know all the other pups are making their owners happy and keep them smiling too.

Take care and be safe!

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Unknown said...

Wow..good for you Jody! You're such a good caregiver. Skye will love you forever.

Karen Curtis said...

My goodness, 11 puppies! What a heartwarming story of Skye!