Sunday, July 29, 2018

Starting Over Again!!

A beautiful day today and maybe time to get the dogs out to run. They have so missed being able to do that. I am remiss at writing and once again will try to keep up.
This past week was a hard one and just not sure why. Harder than many of the several past weeks. Maybe because the one year anniversary of my husbands passing has come and gone. Really no way to explain. The weekends are hard as they are very quiet and most people are involved in their own lives on the weekend.

This month Walter, my year old lovely sable boy went to live with my son and granddaughter Kaelyn, I know he will be well loved and get a lot of attention. It was hard to keep up with the training of three young dogs. I am still struggling to keep up with the other two young ones. I need to make myself give them the time, they love it and it is so rewarding and makes me feel happy to see them progress.

My lovely Jeep, my agility boy is living with a good friend and doing agility which he loves. He is settling in really well and training and competing. He is a boy that loves to work. He needed more than what I could give him. I let him go so that he could continue to work. He was not working here and I know that he loved it. He has been gone about 2 months and I miss him so much but I am happy that he has the opportunity to work. He is an awesome agility dog.

My bereavement person says the second year after losing a loved one can even be harder than the first year. Maybe because during the first year reality has not really set in. Although there are days none of my life seems real, this life will take a long time to get used to. I have learned so many things and done things I never had to do before. Even little things like popping a  mouse out of the trap!UGH!!

Again I am so thankful for the dogs that I do have with me. I am looking forward to someday another litter of pups. They really brighten your life. The dogs are always close by.

I also have my cat, Girly, she is the most awesome companion.She sleeps on my bed and is always close by as long as Keeper is not in. He is my one cat chaser and I would so love to break him of that habit. Life would be much more peaceful if he did not do that. He is called Keeper as my husband named him and wanted to keep him, there is no way to let him go.

Once again I will get motivated to keep this blog up. I need to start taking pictures of my pups again, I miss doing that. So much that I need to get back to.💗


Jules said...

I'm sorry for your loss, Jody (we've recently corresponded over e-mail)... as a fellow bereavement club member (my mother passed away when I was a young adult), I've heard the 2nd year feedback too... perhaps, it's because the community around us move on... I'm a professional portrait photographer, if I can ever photograph your beauties and the future pups, I'd be honored. I'd be happy to barter, too~

Josephine Abrahamson said...

Thank you Jules. Maybe someday I will need some nice photos of my Shelties. Hope that Roland is doing very well.