Friday, July 13, 2018

Pretty good start to today. The whole upstairs is vacuumed and clean. Feels good to accomplish something positive. 
Now to get started with the dogs. I am going to start with Keeper as it has been awhile since I have worked with him and he was doing so well. Once I have finished with Keeper I will start leash training Topaz. I have been very lazy in getting her started. She is a bright pup and I think will catch on very quickly. 
Since Walter is living with my granddaughter and Jeep is with a friend of mine so I do have more time to work with my young dogs.
Luke needs to go back to a Canine Good Citizen  class so that he can be certified for Therapy. I am really looking forward to get into visiting the nursing homes once again. It is such a nice feeling when people are getting pleasure and joy from one of your dogs. They so look forward to seeing the dogs. 
I am slowly adjusting to life with just my dogs. They keep me going and are good friends. They give me a purpose and get me going in the mornings. I have my morning coffee with the dogs and it is a very pleasant time of day. 
Next is to schedule a time every day to exercise the dogs. They are in need of exercise and when exercised they train easier and are calmer and give me more focus.
I think the best time is earlier in the morning to get them out and moving. 
Setting goals is good for me, something to work towards and keep me focused.I will let you know how these goals work out. Hopefully I can follow through. Good productive days are just what I need.

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