Tuesday, July 17, 2018

A Happy and Sad day!!

Yesterday was a good day, and a sad day. It was the one year anniversary of my husbands death from cancer. It was the day a year ago that my life turned up side down. I have come a long way since that day. I have had to learn to do many things that I never did before. I continue on one day at a time, with the help of my sons and my granddaughter Kaelyn. 

Walter, who has my husbands middle name as his name and will be a year old on July 26, was born 10 days after my husband passed. He is a special puppy and is now living with my granddaughter Kaelyn. She is his care taker and is helping him adjust to a new life. We are hoping that it works for both of them. If not he will come back here and spend the rest of his life with me and Kaelyn will visit with him. Time will tell.

Hot and humid again today, hard on the dogs, they don't care for the heat. Thunder storms predicted so Bling will find a place to hide, she is terrified of the thunder and lightning. She is eight years old and I doubt she will ever adjust to storms. Keeper who is two years old is a little bothered but not terrified. He will get on the couch and wait for it to pass, the rest of the dogs do not seem to be bothered at all. 

I am pushing myself to get back into the training mode and get Keeper going again. The heat makes it hard for outside work but the house is cool and he can start with a little nose work inside. He was so energized last night that he spent fifteen minutes running from living room to kitchen and back again, he was so funny to watch as he was trying to go full speed. He did pretty good and both Topaz and Luke were trying to get in on the chase. This tells me that they all need more exercise. 

Time to get the dogs fed and the morning started. I  hope I will be able to tell you about Keeper's success with nose work. So many dogs seem to love it and learn so fast and mental work tires them out physically. Will be back here soon.

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