Thursday, April 8, 2021


 I have not written for a few days as it has been hard to even think. On April the third, Kathleen Hathaway passed to her cancer. She was so strong and fought so hard. Finally the cancer took over. It has been a very sad week. Kathleen has produced so many lovely, quality puppies for so many people. We have lost an experienced and talented breeder. The quality of her dogs surpasses many. Years ago I bought some foundation stock from her and have had many beautiful dogs throughout the years.  Many other breeders have benefited from Kathleen's dogs and her knowledge.

Kathleen's daughters are going to carry on to preserve the heritage of the Illusion shelties. 

We are running a go fund me benefit for Kathleen's Shelties and her daughters who will set up in W.Virginia and Fryeburg, Maine. If anyone feels that they would like to help it will be greatly appreciated.

Jody Quinlan Abrahamson would like you to support preservation of Kathleen Hathaways Shelties by making a donation and spreading the word.

On Saturday, the third of April, the Sheltie world lost a very dedicated, experienced and talented breeder. Kathleen Hathaway lost a three year battle with cancer. We lost a best friend. Kathleen had a wealth of Sheltie knowledge. She bred Shelties that were more than bred to the standard, they were... 

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