Wednesday, April 29, 2020


I have two babies that have been here a little over a week since the other pups went to their homes.
These two will be going on Saturday and it is going to be hard. Fancy the little blue is gorgeous and Reba the little sable is
stunning.  Plus they are fun pups. I am especially attached to Fancy and that is not good. I am trying so hard not to but
it is not easy. They both know their names and are such tuned in pups. But I have to say the whole litter learned their
names quickly. A couple have been changed as I did not know what they were going to be. I have to say that keeping
two pups clean and happy is a lot easier than 11 pups. I am ready to get my house back in shape, put the puppy
pens away and concentrate on my adult dogs. They all tolerate the pups except for one and I have to separate her.
And Bonnie who is Fancy's  mom, does not like her any more. At about six weeks Bonnie decided she was done
with her pups. She would growl at them and tell them to get away. So at that time Topaz took over and tried to care for all of
them. Sometimes she would be nursing or trying to nurse all the pups.  She has turned out to be such a good mother.
I will spend the weekend putting  all the puppy stuff away. I got tired through the whole process but when they started looking
like pups I loved it.
I am ready for a year off, to get back into training Bonnie and Walter and having some fun with the others and I know
that they are ready too.
Found a couple of ticks today so be careful, they are out in full force!

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