Saturday, May 23, 2020


The pups are in their new homes and all are doing well. They are learning house training, walking on leash and riding in the car. I am really pleased with the care that they are given. I have been in touch with all and progress is being made. It makes me feel good to know the choices I made for them were all the best.
Now to get back to my normal routine, which really is not normal with this stay at home order. I now need to find a good fence contractor and get the large exercise area built. The dogs really need more exercise and the larger area will do that for them. I may even set up a little agility equipment so that we can play agility some. The younger dogs will love that.
Bling is going to the vet for a check up and blood work. She had a seizure about a week ago and I have no idea what brought it on. We will know more about her in a week or so. It was mild but it did scare her.Since she is getting old it could just be an old age thing, but I need to know. I wonder if it is the flea and tick medication that I used on the dogs. I hate using that stuff as it is chemical and you never know for sure what it can do or the reaction it could cause. But when the tick population is heavy as it usually is in May I do use it. As the summer goes on I don't use it but when fall comes and ticks are breeding and plentiful I will use it one more time.
All the dogs are shedding and that will be my chore for this week, it is almost on going with all the dogs. They look so nice when they are all done. One of these days I will treat myself to a professional grooming for them.
I have to thank all my puppy people for being so understanding about not coming into the house to visit the pups when they were little. It was very different but we all had to be safe. Thank you all!
I know it is a pain to wear a mask when you are out but is does show respect for others and for yourself.
Be safe, be well!              
                                                         A big helper!

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