Friday, April 24, 2020


I know it has been a long time since I have written but want to get caught up a little. First of all
I am very thankful that I had two litters of very healthy pups. Secondly I am very thankful for all the
wonderful homes that I have found for the pups. People came from all the New England states during
these very unsure and strange times. Everyone wanted their pups so much to come out and make the
drive during these times. I am truly blessed.
It has been a very busy eight weeks. Making sure everyone was getting their share of mothers milk
and not being pushed away. Topaz got me up every night anywhere from midnight to 4 am. Needless
to say my sleep was very interrupted. As the pups grew I made sure that they had 4 hours of playtime
in the kitchen every day. Not being able to have people in and my granddaughter who always helped
socialize pups I had to be sure that they all had the time and handling to help them become the
pups that I wanted them to be. I think that they all turned out well. A few little problems but now all
are in their homes and doing very well.
I love everyone of them, each has a special personality and will bring much joy to many families.

Hopefully I will do better with keeping the blog up.
Be safe and stay well.

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Lee Newman said...

Our pup Skye is very cute, smart and full of energy. Even though she's only been here a week, she is already falling into the routine with our 14 yr old pup and our 16 yr old cat. We are so happy to have her as part of our family!