Saturday, June 29, 2019


Bonnie just had her first birthday and is a little terror but very smart and can be sweet if she wants to. The past few weeks she has started tilting her head to the left and can't seem to bring it straight on. At first I thought she was just cocking her head and being cute like pups do. Now it seems to be more than that. We are going to the vet on Monday for a good physical and blood work. There is vestibular disease but she is too young for that, it is something that can be common in old dogs, a head tilt with circling and confusion. Bonnie does not have any of those symptoms. She is just as feisty as ever and every thing else is normal.  I will be glad to have her checked out and see what we can do for her. 
Took a ride up to Illusion farm yesterday to visit my friend Kathleen and see her beautiful pups.She has some outstanding pups and your heart just melts. I am hoping that one day I will have some pups that look like hers. 
For now I am happy that my young ones are growing up. A break from the puppy stage will be really good. I love my seniors and I have five of them and they are so good and so easy. Although it is a little sad to see them getting old. They are such good company, they have their favorite places to sleep and spend much of the day sleeping. But when Fed ex or UPS comes they are right up and letting me know. Then I see these beautiful pups and would love one but know that what I have now is easy and pups grow up before you know it. Having been a breeder for 40 years and showing dogs almost as long, it is something hard to give up, it is in your blood and you never lose the urge to produce beautiful pups.
On that note I have bred Bling to my Walter who is producing stunning pups and maybe something will come from that, but at the least I will have beautiful, quality pets that will make families very happy and that gives me much satisfaction. Quality, healthy pets for families is even more important than the next show dog.
I will post more on Bonnie once we know what is going on with her.
The fourth of July is coming up this week. Please be careful with your dogs, don't let them out during the fireworks. All dogs should be chipped so if they get lost it will help to bring them home. But the best thing is to be extremely careful during this holiday!

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