Tuesday, June 4, 2019


This morning at 5 am the shelties all started barking and it went on for a good 15 minutes, I don't know what all the ruckus was about. I finally got up to check and absolutely nothing was going on. So went ahead and took them out and left them for at least 20 minutes. Got the coffee going, a little early for me. Once the coffee was ready brought them up for our coffee hour. Put the two boys out and left them for half an hour, then brought them up to join us. They were so wound up and I don't know why, maybe because Bling is in season and I need to keep her separated. But their sense of smell is so good, that it did not matter where Bling was, they knew.
Sammy has turned into a real love, stays right by me or wants to be in my lap. He also loves the ball, always in his mouth. I need to refresh the toy box, after awhile the toys get destroyed and are no longer safe for them to use.
The pups are finally all in their new homes and all are doing well. I am so pleased with the homes that they have. I hope to get photos as they develop, I love to see how my babies turn out. Maybe pups late fall, but that is a long way off. Walter has been producing beautifully and would like to have some of his pups here. Maybe fall.
Looks like a good day for working outside, more hay to rake and dump and I need to put up the sun screen over the dog yard. I get a lot of sun out there in the summer, wish I got it in the winter but not enough to do any good. They need the sun screen, almost completely covers the dog yard, there is a small section where they can lay in the sun if they feel like it and sunbathing is something that they enjoy. Just imagine if I could put all the shelties to work, things would get done so quickly! Well I need to get moving and take advantage of this good weather. I sure miss my babies, but I know each one is getting what they need and more than I could give them as they grow up.

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