Sunday, June 2, 2019


This morning was a little quieter than usual. My last puppy Coco went to her new home yesterday. I had kept her for four extra weeks as the family had travel plans before they bought the puppy. It is a wonderful home so I did not mind. Though I did not realize how attached I would become with Coco. She was bonded with me too.The people who have her are very excited and she is their first puppy. I have helped them as much as possible and when they have questions they contact me and we work it out. In a week or so Coco will be bonding with them and I will feel good with taking the puppy pen down and putting it away. When the pups normally go to homes at eight weeks, you have been so busy taking care of them and not bonding closely with anyone pup. But when one stays longer it is much harder to let go. I guess this is why I usually keep a puppy. The puppy that definitely was a show prospect was going to be a big girl and probably too large for show, so the decision was made to not keep a pup from this breeding. I will breed Topaz again when she is a little older and will hope for a quality tri color female. I need to be very selective as it is easy to get too many dogs.
Rosie has missed for the third time so she is scheduled for a spay and a dental at the same time.
I did not get a daughter from her, and I did learn with a little older dog there may not be another chance.I truly believe that things happen the way they are supposed to. 
I think the time has come to get my computer room in order, it was my husbands office but I need to pack up his things and turn it into my room. Very hard to do but it is time.
I have missed attending dog class these past two years and think it is time I take either Topaz or Bonnie to learn some basic obedience. I loved going to class and it definitely motivates you to work with the dogs. 
Keeping involved with the dogs is the best thing for me. Losing your spouse of 52 years makes it very hard to start a new life and to keep the old going. I need to continue to live like my shelties do, one day at a time. Someday I may have a new normal. The hardest thing is to make the decisions on the dogs myself, we always did that together. Len had a good eye for a quality dog and he loved to show them.Again I am thankful for the dogs, they keep me going. Caring for pups makes the time fly by. On a more positive note I have met many wonderful people who have my dogs and many good friends have come from being involved with the dogs.
Kaley, a very well trained girl!!

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