Friday, May 24, 2019


Sammy is the newest member of the family. He has a wonderful temperament and seems to love being here. It is now time to learn some house manners. House training is coming along pretty good, although does need improvement. It will just take more time. I am starting to teach him to wait before he comes charging out of his crate in the morning. Actually all the young ones are learning this in the morning. When they all come charging out it is chaos and it is much too early for so much excitement. Sammy is catching on quickly, I open the crate and hold my hand in front of him and tell him to wait, if he starts to come forward he will hit my hand and I tell him to wait. He backs up to wait, with a few kisses on the hand while waiting. He is such a ham!! Then I release him and he comes out slowly, which is my goal for all of them. I do this with each one in the morning and they will soon know what wait means and I will be able to use that command anywhere. It is perfect for not letting them charge out the door before you. That could be a safety issue too. 
I now know that Sammy loves news paper. As the pups are so large now I use paper as it is easy to change and keep the puppy pen clean. Yesterday morning Sammy was able to pull a piece of paper out of the pen and proceeded to shred it into a million little pieces, kept him busy for a long time, before I realized what he was doing the kitchen floor was totally covered in little pieces of paper, of course he had some help, Topaz, Bonnie and Walter had joined in.
I need to keep a closer eye when working on the computer. At least he had fun, it did not make sense to get upset, the deed was done, but now if I even hear a piece of paper rattle I am checking on them.
I am going to miss the pups when they go to their homes but I am ready to take the puppy pen down and put the kitchen back in order.  Very soon. Minnie is going home on Saturday, I sure will miss her, such a character. Coco will be going a week from Saturday. 
Sammy will come along very nicely, he listens and he is proud when he figures out something. I am thrilled to have this little guy who is a very biddable dog.
I have some new photos that a friend took for me and I really need to post them.

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