Friday, May 17, 2019


Well here it is ten days since I have written. I have been busy with the dogs, lots of grooming to get caught up and doing well with it. Three puppies have gone to their new homes. Two pups still here until the end of the month. They get lots of play time and attention. They are at the age that they need this. The two little girls, Minnie and Coco are bonding with each other. They are so cute and look like twins, exactly the same size.
Went to help a friend whelp a litter yesterday. Did not get home until almost 8 last night. 
The dogs were really good, waiting for their dinner and no accidents in the house. My little cat Girly, did not know why I was gone for so long. She was sitting in the middle of the kitchen table when I came in. She was thrilled to get her dinner. Even cats like their routine.
I have been working in the dog yard getting it ready for fresh stones, it has been a couple of years or more and they really need refreshing. I was not planning on rain today. Guess I can get the rest of the toenails cut and grooming done.
The other morning I was sitting looking at my emails, all the dogs were in with me. It had been very quiet for awhile so I decided I had better take a look and see what was going on. Well I had a bunch of bananas on the table and each dog had a banana or a piece of banana or skin and they were having a feast. Topaz is my table thief, they must have been just close enough for her to reach. I couldn't believe it, a brand new bunch too. My dogs love bananas but I usually only give them small pieces and never any skin. Hopefully they would digest the skin ok and they did, no one had any digestive issues at all. Learned my lesson, no food at all to be left on the table. Once I got over the shock of seeing my bananas gone from the table it was really funny to watch them chowing down. I tried to take them away but it was useless so I just let them finish.
My Shelties certainly keep me on my toes. They keep me going and laughing and I could not live without them.

Minnie at four weeks, sound asleep!

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