Wednesday, May 22, 2019


I just spent the last 20 minutes writing all about going up to Illusion Farm to help with whelping a litter of pups. Well the post just disappeared and here I go again. The lady taking care of the farm needed some help with one of the girls who was about to whelp. It is always less nerve wracking to have someone with you through the whelping process. I took care of my dogs, got the puppies all set with extra food and water as I knew that I might be late. I arrived about one thirty in the afternoon and Deana had been in labor for awhile. We sat down to await the arrival of the first pup. Finally the puppy appeared and as soon as mom finished with him we started to dry him and shake the mucous out so that normal breathing could start. Unfortunately this little guy was not breathing and probably had passed awhile ago, probably it was too long before he was born. Always sad to start with losing a puppy. As the afternoon went by six more pups were born and we were kept busy with drying pups and shaking out the mucous to get them breathing well. Finally by six pm all seemed well and I knew I had to go and take care of my dogs. In every whelping you learn something new, just with raising dogs there is always something new coming up, you never know everything and so many things change. Each litter presents something you never saw before, a learning experience for sure. You always feel good when things go smoothly and the pups are doing well. 
I arrived home close to 8 pm and had a bunch of hungry dogs. They had been so good, no accidents, of course the younger ones were crated. I got busy and fed everyone and got them out to exercise, let the pups run in the kitchen as they were confined all day.
Minnie and Coco are the two pups waiting for their homes to be ready for them. They are like twins, just little differences. They love each other and will miss each other. Minnie is going this weekend and Coco the following. I have become very attached to them but they really are ready to have their own home and people. They are smart little girls and so much fun. I will miss them. But I will feel better knowing they will get what I can't give them now. My Shelties need my time and attention.
Finally the agility area is dry and the grass is cut and I can get everyone out to run and really stretch their legs. They need to do the zoomies, which I love to watch. They run circles and go as fast as they can, they just love to run all out.
I may be showing Walter next month so I need to get busy with working with him. It has been such a long winter and wet spring that he has not been out so need to start going places. He had lots of socializing and classes as a pup. He should be ok. I have been working on his coat and it is looking good. 
Well time for breakfast for the kids and they are being very patient this morning. Sometimes they are very naughty but often surprise me and are very good. They usually are not patient dogs but this morning they have surprised me. 
Shelties are so intuitive and so special.

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