Thursday, August 16, 2018

Tomorrow will be a busy day. I am off to Fryeburg to pick up a stud dog to breed to my Rosie. He belongs to a friend of mine and it is just as easy and less stressful for Rosie to stay home and bring the boy to her. He is a lovely red sable and if we are lucky will have some very pretty tri-factored sables. It is has been more than a year since we have had a litter here and I am looking forward to it. It is a lot of work to raise a litter but so much joy too. Rosie is getting a little older and this may be her last time to have pups. 
When I get home I will start getting things ready for our new puppy that is coming on Saturday. She is a little bi-blue female and so sweet .Her conformation is outstanding and I have high hopes for her. 
I think she will be a stunning Sheltie. We are calling her Bonnie but not sure yet as to what her registered name will be. Just wanted a nice Scottish call name. We had a Bonnie years ago who was an awesome little sheep herder. She had no fear and could put the nastiest of ewes in their place.
This Bonnie will not be sheep herding but will be doing some scent work and lots of obedience and possibly some therapy work. I would love to have two or three of my dogs certified for therapy. They need to get their Canine Good  Citizen certification and then they can take the therapy dog certification. The elderly people in nursing homes and people housebound love to see the dogs. They bring these people so much joy and I feel good knowing that we are helping to bring these people a little joy to their lives. Another rewarding thing to do is to bring the dogs to the library so children can read to them. Children who are uncomfortable around their peers have no problem reading to the dogs. This builds their confidence and helps develop their reading skills.  It is a very rewarding experience. 
I hope that my granddaughter is spending time with Walter and keeps up with his training.
Walter is now living  with her and I want them both to be very happy. She has taught him to do a high five and maybe he will learn a few more tricks. 
It is getting late and tomorrow is a long day so need to come to an end.  Will try to write more tomorrow. Spend time with your dog, he will love you for it.

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