Wednesday, August 15, 2018

My granddaughter visited today and reminded me that it has been eleven days since I have written on the blog. So I need to remedy that. 
Today we visited a friend who has pups and we helped her to bathe them. Really had fun doing this. We washed the pups and towel dried and put them under a warm blow drier.One of the little blue boys was so good, nice and calm in the bath, no wiggles, he is so sweet.The blue girl who is coming to live with me was one of the worst wigglers. She is so beautiful and she is sweet to, just was not happy with having a bath. She comes home this weekend. I am really looking forward to having her here. I am going to start training her right away. I find that puppy brains are like little sponges and they absorb everything so quickly. Although,today Kaelyn and I were teaching Topaz to sit and at nine months she caught on really well. So I need to get busy with her, she is so bright and loves to work for you. 
The humidity has been bad here and it sure takes away my motivation. The dogs don't like it either.
They love to sleep near the air conditioner and feel it blowing on them. 
Our puppy Walter is living with Kaelyn and I know she loves having him there. We co-own him and he is now under her care. She has taught him to do a high five and I hope that she will teach him many more tricks. He is a smart little guy too and I started him with the basics at 8 weeks old. He learned so quickly. I hope to do the same with my new little girl that will be here soon.

I have been alone over a year now and I am slowly getting used to it.The dogs are good for me and help to keep me going. Also my cat Girly is an awesome companion. She is with me most of the time. The only time she stays upstairs is when my boy Keeper is in the kitchen. She is afraid of him as he will try to chase her. I would love to break this habit but it is very difficult. He is a very determined boy. He loves to train and I need to do more with him. He learns very quickly and I enjoy seeing him learn, he is so proud of himself. 

Well that is about it for today, it is getting late and the dogs will be going to bed soon. I will try hard to write everyday, as my granddaughter reminded me it has been 11 days that I have not written.  I am sure that she will keep me in line. 

This is our new little girl, Bonnie!!She will be here on Saturday and we are excited!

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