Friday, December 25, 2020


 I have now graduated from every three hours of feeding to every four hours. The little ones are doing well. They have learned to nurse as long as the bigger pups are out of the way. So I take half of the pups, the biggest ones and put them in my little box with the heating pad. Then the two little ones and the two medium ones can nurse all they want without being pushed away. They must do pretty well during the night as they often have full tummy's in the morning. Bonnie is not confined with her babies, she is able to come and go as she wants. This works well for her because if she is confined she will spin and that creates havoc for her and the pups. When she can get in and out she is perfect. Not sure what I will do in another week when the pups are able to get out, even  accidentally.That will take some thought. I have always had mom dogs who would sleep right in the pen with the pups. I am so thankful that I did not lose power last night. I use heat lamps to keep the pups warm as they cannot adjust their body temperature for the first two weeks. I was hoping that I would not have to go out into the wind and pouring rain to hookup the generator and get it going. The power did stay on which is amazing with a storm like the one we had. We almost lose power here no mater what the weather is.

I say to Bonnie, lets go check the babies, and she will run to the other room and take a look and if they are all sleeping she will come back into the kitchen. If they are restless or crying she will go get in and check them out with her nose. She knows when they need attention. She is a good little mother.The little ones are finally growing, sometimes when I go in to feed I will get them mixed up with the medium pups. 

Tonight I will spend time brushing Sammy, their shedding times are so mixed up. But he is blowing his coat as if it was summer. So strange.

I plan on one last litter in February and then I am done breeding. I do like producing healthy, quality pups for people but I am ready for a long break.I want to spend time with my adults, do some training and have some fun with them. Litters like this one are a lot of work. Although litters of 9,10 and 11 are very unusual for Shelties. Next year I plan to expand my dog yard so they can really run and I will set up all my agility equipment. I will totally enjoy my dogs.

In another two weeks the pups will be fun; they will be learning to play and run and can be so funny. Time to socialize starts. 

Well it is almost four which means the dogs inner clocks will be going off soon and they will be wanting dinner. They don't have much patience. I will try for some good pictures soon.

Please take care and be safe. 


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