Friday, June 19, 2020


My Shelties are not crazy about this heat and humidity. Nor am I. I have the air running in my little office and the dogs are lieing all around and so is the cat. Guess this is why it is called the dog days of summer, although it seems like summer has been here a long time already. My time sure has been strange with being home almost all the time.
This time of year my huge garage is empty so I decided it would be a perfect place for the dogs to do some agility. It is cool in there and no bugs or ticks. I am waiting on some mats so that we can do a little low jumping.  I think that I will start with Bonnie and Walter as they both have had some agility training. Bonnie is a very energetic girl and she loves to run through the tunnel and jump. She just needs to learn more control and of course more basic obedience. Walter has been to both obedience and agility class, he has a good idea of what he needs to do but it has been awhile and he needs some brush up on his obedience.
It has been three years since I have been to a class and I have really missed it. I took my boy Jeep to agiity class once a week for 8 years, he was a really good worker and he loved it. When my husband got sick I could no longer work Jeep so he went to live with a friend who is excellent in agility. He has earned many more titles since living with her and I am so happy that he has been able to do what he loves.
I hope that Bonnie will eventually love working the way that Jeep does. Bonnie's daughter Fancy, is a natural for sure. Climbing out of the puppy pen at five weeks and just did it, never hesitated, of course I had to put the top on the pen or she would have been out all the time.
For now we can enjoy this small course and just have fun. My sons use the garage to store their boat and trailer in the winter and until late fall it is all mine and the dogs.
For now there are not any dog shows or competitions but it takes a long time to be good enough to compete in agility. And I know that I am not fast enough to keep up with Bonnie so we will just play agility. Bonnie has a natural herding instinct, bugs, birds, butterfly's, she just loves to chase, her instinct is very strong. Maybe some day we will try a herding test to see how strong it really is. Her concentration is very strong. Except when she is being naughty, getting into something she should not then she has very selective hearing.
I am really looking forward to see what she can accomplish.  She will not have pups for sometime as with her seven it took a lot out of her and she needs to get back into condition and mature more. She was a great mom but she needs a good break. She needs to have some fun.
Be sure to not take your dog with you in the car in this hot weather and never leave your pup in the car alone when it is so hot. Dogs can suffocate very quickly when it is so hot. And that would be a tragedy.
Everyone be safe and well! Spend time with your dogs, they love the attention and the love to please.


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