Saturday, July 20, 2019


Twelve days since I have written about Bonnie. Her head may be a little straighter but still tilting. I have decided to take her to a veterinary chiropractor. In trying to cover all bases it is possible she hurt herself and maybe has a pinched nerve. An adjustment might help that and she would be able to straighten her head. It is worth a try and would be wonderful if this is the problem. I am hopeful.
The dogs don't like this weather anymore than I do. They just lay around and some of them love the basement floor, it is quite cool.
I had another one of Topaz's puppies visit this week. It is so nice to see how the pups are developing. Topaz and Zuzu her daughter seemed to know each other. When Coco visited a few weeks ago she and Topaz also seemed to know each other. It is fun to see them interact with each other. 
This is a really good day to brush dogs in front of the air conditioner. With this heat and humidity their coats are just falling out in big tufts. It is not too difficult to brush when the hair is dropping on its own. 
Topaz is a very independent girl and will often ignore me especially if there is some paper she can steal. That is her favorite thing to do, she just loves paper of any kind and will play keep away as I really don't want her eating it. That is her next favorite thing to do. I have to make sure that nothing important is within her reach. She loves to steal any thing that she can reach.  So Topaz and I are going to a beginner obedience class. A few manners will be good for her. Lately she has been ignoring my come command, I go get her and tell her come but next time she ignores me again. She is having fun, thinks this is a game. She will get down on her front paws, butt in the air and tail wagging, she is challenging me, "come get me if you can." If I grab a cookie she will come to me but I don't want to reinforce her bad behavior. She is so funny and I try not to laugh, she gets this look on her face that says " I dare you" and she really does. I now put her on a leash when she comes out of her kennel in the morning so she has no choice but to do what I ask and she is fine with that. I think that she will train beautifully and we will have fun. I can picture her as a very well trained dog.

Topaz and Bonnie!

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