Saturday, December 1, 2018


Well I can't seem to do better than about once a week. Still trying to remedy that. My  will power is not what it used to be, but I am working on that too, in many ways.
Visited my friend in Maine and I am going to bring home another senior, but you would not know that he is a senior. We will co-own him and he will still be siring pups. He is a lovely, sweet boy who just needs to live in the house. It will be a challenge to house train him but it can be done. Bling who is also 8 years took awhile to house train but now she is very good and understands what she needs to do. She loves living in the house and is doing very well. She has chosen a favorite space to sleep in. It is on the landing on the stairs that go down to the dog room. I am sure that she feels cozy there and the heat from the furnace comes right up the stairs. 
The new boys name is Keeper and funny that about three weeks ago I placed a young dog named Keeper. At least there will not be confusion between the Keepers..This Keeper has been here before for breeding purposes and he learned the routine very quickly so I think he will again especially when he realizes that this is home.
Bonnie is a little wild one. She is constantly on the go. Her house training is coming along and would be much easier if we did not have to go down stairs, but the exercise of the stairs is good for me. I need to do more obedience training with her so that in the spring I can try her on sheep. Hopefully she has the natural herding instinct to go with all that energy. She is turning into a pretty girl, no hair yet, but hopefully it will come soon.
I have been busy with Christmas shopping and it is almost done. I would love to put a small   Christmas tree on Len's grave. Last year at Thanksgiving we did not have snow and I was able to do that. So far this year I cannot get into the cemetery. 
I bought a nice soft dog bed to go on the dog cot that I have. Well, every night more stuffing is taken out of it and I caught the culprit. Rosie my 7 year old has slowly been tearing it apart when I am not around. I can see the puppy getting into it but not Rosie. She is very determined about things she wants to do and this is one of them  She is too old to change. No more new beds for us!
It is breakfast time for the kids so need to get moving. Maybe if I am lucky I will write more later.

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