Sunday, September 10, 2017

This morning while having coffee with my Shelties I am trying to start another day. It is difficult alone but my dogs definitely make a difference. It will take time to adjust to my new normal but I am sure in time it will happen.
I have started a basic obedience class with my boy Luke and that is so good for both of us. He is a sweet boy and will be an excellent Therapy dog, maybe even a little agility eventually. By the time he is trained my new normal should be well on its way. 

I am also helping a friend with a very shy Sheltie, he is coming to live with me for awhile to see what I can do to help him. He is a young boy who just needs more socialization. This gives me a goal and a little more purpose at this time in my life. I am looking forward to see what I can do for the pup.

I am also keeping little Walter from my litter and co-own him with my granddaughter. She and I will be training together. This is going to be fun and the first pup she has trained, She is excited and for a 10 year old this is awesome! She will be coming up today to see her puppy.

The sun is coming up and time to get my new day started. I pray for all those in Florida and hope that they will be safe and that all the animals find safety too. So sad for all these residents of Florida.

Everyone  be well and enjoy your Sheltie and make the most of the day. 💟

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