Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Today is clean the kennel room day. Vacuum and scrub down the crates. Once that job is done will get out the puppy pen and scrub that so we can set up for Chanel's delivery. She will be having the pups in what we call our formal living room. We have a nice couch there so that I can be with her at night when she is getting close. Tried to hear heartbeats today but I don't think that my stethoscope is strong enough. Lots of gurgling noises. Must have been her breakfast digesting!!LOL!Poor Chanel is as round as a barrel, but it does not seem to bother her, still wanting to jump and run. Most of the day she spends with Luke in his patio block pen so that she will not be so active. As soon as her puppy pen is ready she will be spending her days inside with me. So looking forward to this litter, and I just love black pups. 
Once the kennel room is clean and the puppy pen ready to go I will give Luke a good brushing. Hope to show him when he comes back into coat. If not this winter definitely this spring. He is a lovely boy and deserves to be out. 
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