Saturday, November 12, 2011

No Pups, so sad!

Our two litters that were expected did not materialize. One girl just completely missed. She is young so not too surprising, she will have pups some other time, when the time is right for her.

My other girl had one large pup, she was stillborn. Very sad for Ginger the mom, as after giving birth she continued for almost two days to search for her pup. The delivery was quite difficult as the pup was so large.Ginger will not chance going through this again. She will be six soon and has given us one beautiful litter. She has done her share.

But on the good side we do plan to have pups in January. We have bred our Brooke, to the lovely Ch Weststars Finders Keepers of Illusion Shetland Sheepdogs. These pups should be stunning.
Check back in a few weeks and we will know for sure if Brooke is expecting.
Once we know she is expecting we will post pictures of Brooke and Keeper on our Sheltie website.

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