Saturday, October 3, 2009

Rainy Rainy Day!! What my Shelties do.

What a beautiful day, rain, rain, and more rain. Ah, so peaceful, a good book and Shelties curled up all around the house. What more could you ask for? The two young pups playing in the kitchen; a new tug toy that looks like a fox that someone would wear around the collar of their coat. They both want it, pulling and tugging, jumping over each other, grabbing the tail and running around the kitchen table. They are having a blast. The old boy sleeping on the dog bed under the window, where you can here the drip,drip of the water running out the gutter pipe. He is sound asleep, lulled by the rain. He will sleep all afternoon. A brother and sister, three years old, bookends on the couch, snoring away. I sit between them on the couch with a new book, Journey of Souls, so thought provocative. Truly makes me wonder about my dogs souls, surely they have souls! I can't imagine them not going to the great beyond, waiting to be with us when our turn comes. I call them to go out for a potty break, they all jump up,so excited, we run down the stairs to the back door, they go out, feel the rain and stand there. I tell them to go and do their thing and they stand there, eyes squinting, shaking their coats, to get the water off. I bring them in and one by one towel them almost dry. They sure love that, like someone giving you a massage. It is evening now, this quiet, peaceful day almost done. What a perfect day it has been!

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