Wednesday, December 12, 2018


This was one of those days that I hoped to accomplish a lot. I am behind with the house and need to get it caught up. Maybe tomorrow as I did not feel well this morning. No special plans for the rest of the week so can get busy in the morning and have a productive day. This is a sad time of year for me. No matter how hard I try I can not get into the Christmas mood, maybe as we get closer. It is hard to decorate and get all the Christmas stuff out when you are alone. With Len gone it is even more difficult. There are days that I expect him to walk through the door but I know that is not going to happen. I really need to get up to the cemetery as that brings me some comfort when I talk to Len. 
My cat Girly just seems to know when I am sad. She jumps up and wants to cuddle. That is just perfect and makes me feel good.
A friend gave the pups a new toy and they just love it. A fox that squeaks but they have not learned how to squeak it yet and that is a good thing. Once they learn to squeak a toy they will do it relentlessly. 
I have a young female in for breeding and she is quite shy but slowly becoming part of the group. The three young dogs are the mob, so full of energy and do not often stop. With the cold temperatures they cannot be out very long, they don't like to be cold.But sure need the exercise. I should bundle up and walk them.
Keeper and Bling who are 8 years old will go out, go potty as fast as they can and then come scratch at the back door. Telling me it is cold and they want in right now!
I have offered to do the Sheltie club newsletter, we have not had one for about a year and it is too easy to lose touch with everyone. A friend and I are going to put it together.
It will be good to have something that will have a deadline for completion.
Time to give some thought to supper. Later this evening I need to teach Bonnie to come. She loves to play games and run around the table when it is time to go out. Time to get serious with her. 
Well that is all for now, hope you all have a nice relaxing evening.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018


I try to go one day at a time  and that works for me, I don't worry about what might come tomorrow. Just looking for a good day today and getting through the day with accomplishing something, either in the house or with the dogs.  I have taken on an almost 9 year old Sheltie male.  He is a Champion and a lovely dog and is still  young enough to use for breeding. At least for a couple of years. He is a love and very sweet. He is always next to me when I sit at the computer.  Every now and then I feel this nose poking my leg. He just wants a little nose rub, he seems to love that. His name is Keeper which is hard to get used to as I recently placed a 2 yr old named Keeper into a home where he is getting tons of attention and training which is just what he needed. I am fortunate to find such wonderful homes for my dogs that need  more than what I can give them. Young Keeper has a wonderful life ahead of him, he will meet his potential for sure. And I thank his owner Deb for all that she is doing for him. 
The new Keeper came here because he wanted to be a full time house dog,he does not like spending time out in the cold. He absolutely loves being in the house. Hopefully he will sire a few pups for us and he will spend his retirement years here. 
Bonnie who is now almost 6 months needs to get back into training. She has decided to do just what she wants, no matter what I want, so tonight we get started again with her basic training. When the weather was good I took her outside every day to train, we started at eight weeks and she learned so fast, but as it got colder I stayed in more. We will work in the front room starting this evening. Shelties are very smart and easy to train but you still need to put in the time to have a well trained dog. Tonight we start with the youngest,  she needs to learn that she is not in charge. It is up to me! I would like to expose her to sheep in the spring and she will need some basic obedience in order to do this. She has lots of energy and is fast and also very smart. I would hope that we could at least get her herding tested. A good goal for the spring. Although I go one day at a time it is good to have a goal for the dogs. They need to work towards something.

                                        CH WESTSTAR'S FINDERS KEEPERS

Saturday, December 1, 2018


Well I can't seem to do better than about once a week. Still trying to remedy that. My  will power is not what it used to be, but I am working on that too, in many ways.
Visited my friend in Maine and I am going to bring home another senior, but you would not know that he is a senior. We will co-own him and he will still be siring pups. He is a lovely, sweet boy who just needs to live in the house. It will be a challenge to house train him but it can be done. Bling who is also 8 years took awhile to house train but now she is very good and understands what she needs to do. She loves living in the house and is doing very well. She has chosen a favorite space to sleep in. It is on the landing on the stairs that go down to the dog room. I am sure that she feels cozy there and the heat from the furnace comes right up the stairs. 
The new boys name is Keeper and funny that about three weeks ago I placed a young dog named Keeper. At least there will not be confusion between the Keepers..This Keeper has been here before for breeding purposes and he learned the routine very quickly so I think he will again especially when he realizes that this is home.
Bonnie is a little wild one. She is constantly on the go. Her house training is coming along and would be much easier if we did not have to go down stairs, but the exercise of the stairs is good for me. I need to do more obedience training with her so that in the spring I can try her on sheep. Hopefully she has the natural herding instinct to go with all that energy. She is turning into a pretty girl, no hair yet, but hopefully it will come soon.
I have been busy with Christmas shopping and it is almost done. I would love to put a small   Christmas tree on Len's grave. Last year at Thanksgiving we did not have snow and I was able to do that. So far this year I cannot get into the cemetery. 
I bought a nice soft dog bed to go on the dog cot that I have. Well, every night more stuffing is taken out of it and I caught the culprit. Rosie my 7 year old has slowly been tearing it apart when I am not around. I can see the puppy getting into it but not Rosie. She is very determined about things she wants to do and this is one of them  She is too old to change. No more new beds for us!
It is breakfast time for the kids so need to get moving. Maybe if I am lucky I will write more later.

Friday, November 23, 2018


A good time to sit and write after a very nice Thanksgiving with family and friends. I know that my granddaughter will be very happy to have me write again. 
I did all the preparation for the dinner myself, very different with not having Len here as he usually helped with some of the preparation. But I got it all done, Turkey cooking and the veggies were really easy. My son Lenny and his family brought the pies for dessert and the cool whip. Our friends Harriet and Bob came and they brought candied yams, which were delicious. 
Once Bob and Harriet left, all the dogs came into the living room and we played with them for at least an hour. Kaelyn who is 11 and Nathan who is 18 just love the dogs. They were down on the floor with them and the puppies were having such a good time. What a nice way to end a very nice Thanksgiving. Memories made!
Last year we visited the cemetery and put up a little Christmas tree at Lens headstone.Too much cold and snow to do that yesterday. Maybe if we get some rain and warmer days we will be able to get into the cemetery before Christmas and put a little tree up. Christmas was Lens favorite holiday. Maybe remembering this I will be able to get into the spirit of Christmas a little more this year.  I will try. Maybe Christmas eve I will stay up until midnight with the dogs and see what they have to say. I have always believed that the animals talk at midnight on Christmas eve. When I was a kid I used to go out to the barn to listen to the horses and sheep talk. So peaceful and quiet at that time of night, a little munching from the sheep chewing the hay. Some things just carry over from your childhood. You never give up believing these things. Animals are so  special that you never know what is possible.
My cat Girly, understands everything I say to her, it is truly amazing. This will be her first Christmas with me. She has been an awesome companion, helps to fill the void of missing Len. I would not know what to do without her. 
The dogs are wonderful also, but Girly just has a little spark of something special. Can't really put my finger on it. 
I have made a promise that I will finish my book in January. It is about three quarters finished and I am looking forward to getting it done. It is called Sheltie Heart! It has been a long time and needs to be finished up. I think that you will love it.
This is a hard time of year coming up but I intend to make every effort to make the most of this Christmas season and be very positive! All for now, maybe it won't be so long for me to get back to the blog, as I really do enjoy writing.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


It has been raining since last night and very hard all morning. Good day to get paperwork done and some grooming.
The dogs absolutely hate going out in this kind of rain. Bling absolutely refuses. I actually have to pick her up and put her out. I can't blame them, I would not want to go out like that. 
Keeper is working out well with  his new home and they are going to keep him. He is learning so much already. He will start formal training after the 1st of the year.
Luke, also is doing very well. A little issue learning to go potty on a leash but has finally caught on and all is well. They love him so much and he is staying also.
So for young ones I have almost 5 month old Bonnie, who is a bi-blue. Very smart and takes to training like a duck to water. She  absorbs things so quickly. She surprised me this morning with running up the stairs when I brought them in to have coffee with me. Next, I have Topaz who is one year old, she looks like a tri but is a cryptic blue. She needs a lot more training as she thinks everything is a game, she wants to play all the time. And last is Walter, who is 16 months. I  hope to show him in the spring so we need to get started with show training.
Days like today are just not motivating for me. I am sitting here with a cup of tea, debating what comes next this morning.
I am having Thanksgiving here this year, my son and daughter in law and two grand kids will be coming. Since Len passed I have a really hard time getting into the holidays. But will make the best of the day. One holiday at a time, not thinking of Christmas yet. I pretty much still go one day at a time which is the easiest way for me. If I think too far ahead just too much to worry about.
I do feel good that I am ready for winter, as much as I possibly can be. Window air conditioners out, storms down. Furnaces cleaned and serviced. Just need to fill my gas cans for the snow blower and the generator. I am ready but not really wanting snow to come. 
Maybe do a couple of games with the pups today. No way that we can work outside. 
I also have pedigrees to research for my friend Kathleen. I do enjoy research work and today may be a good day for that. 
Time to try to get motivated and make this a productive day.
All for now!

Saturday, October 27, 2018

I sure have a hard time keeping up this blog. I have been spending time thinking about which dogs I should place and what would be best for each one.  I decided that Keeper needed to be a full time house dog and get more training than I was giving him. He also does not like Girly my cat, and would always want to chase her and she was afraid of him.
I friend of mine came to visit him a couple of times and she and her husband decided that they would love to make Keeper a part of their family. They have one Sheltie  and that will be perfect for Keeper. He will be a full time house dog and get alot of training. He has so much potential and now he can fulfill his potential. I am looking forward to seeing what he can accomplish.
My boy Luke, who has been my only stud dog went sterile about a year ago so I made the decision to find him a good home where he will  be a full time house dog and get some more training. I was fortunate in that a couple called and were looking for a Sheltie and not a puppy. They came to meet Luke and they loved him. So on the third of November he will be going to his new home and he will continue with his therapy training. I am really happy for Luke too. It is a life he will love. 
I will miss both these boys as I love them both, but I want a better life for them and they will have more time and attention than I can do. With multiple dogs it is hard to give everyone the same attention and training. I will now have seven Shelties and four of them are seniors so there is no need of training. I have three youngsters and all three will get more time and training. It will be better for them and they do need the work. Looking forward to doing classes with them and maybe a title or two.
Once again I will try to keep up this blog, maybe I should write early every morning.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

October is a hard month!

Guess I have not done much writing lately. It was a hard first few days of October,with Lens birthday and our anniversary. I was going to go down to Rochester to shop today but just raining too hard and not worth the drive.
The dogs are in and laying all around the house and being good. Topaz who is 11 months and still very much a puppy is playing with the puppy, Bonnie who is only 4 months. They are great friends and play well together. 
I have a good book sitting in the living room just waiting for me to pick it up. I will probably do that this afternoon.
I have finally found a really nice home for Luke. He has been sterile for about a year, so there is no point to show him, since he can no longer produce. He is going to be the only dog and get lots of attention and exercise. He will love that and being a full time house dog as he loves to come in and curl up and sleep. I am excited for  him. It is hard to give up a dog but sometimes it is doing the best for them that shows real love for them.
Luke will be one happy spoiled boy. I placed three of my breeding girls when Len got sick as my focus was all on him, it had to be that way. In this past year I have bought two young girls and can now continue to produce quality, healthy and happy pets. 
I am not ready to give up breeding Shelties and I still want to do a little showing. 
If Len was here that would be what he would want too. He really wanted to do some showing. I will carry on with the dogs as long as I am physically able. I think they keep me going and keep me from aging fast. I could not have survived Lens illness and death without my dogs. I had to keep going for them. No sleeping in for sure. 
A miserable, cold and wet day. That book is beginning to look really good.
The weekends are very quiet for me as everyone is busy with their lives and all the weekend chores that need to be done. Maybe tomorrow I will get the shopping done. I do want to find a good quality puppy food for Bonnie, the four month old.
Hopefully there will be some sunshine tomorrow.
Well that is all for now, hope to not be gone for so long when I write again.