Wednesday, November 25, 2020


 This past Sunday Bonnie decided it was time for her babies to arrive. She started having pups at 4:30 am and had the last one at 5 pm.A long day for her and for me. By the the time she was finished she given birth to 11 pups. The last one was not born alive, probably too long arriving in this world. She has ten surviving babies. I am feeding round the clock, every three hours to keep the little ones going. Three days and they are doing well.It is a lot of work but Bonnie gave me these babies and it is up to me to keep them going. We have 9 boys and one little girl. In about a week I may be able to sleep through the night. But for now the little ones have trouble nursing and need the nourishment that I give to them. I can see growth already and I am really happy with that. Bonnie is so good and so careful getting into the puppy pen, she knows exactly where she places her feet. 

I will try to keep the blog up to date on the pups growth and development. Bonnie is a good mom and very concerned with her pups. And they are hers, everyone else needs to stay away, she tells then in no uncertain terms. 

I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving and take care and please be safe!

This is Izzy the papa to all these little babies.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020


 It is amazing how fast the time goes when caring for a litter of seven pups. Once they moved to the kitchen for more exposure to noise and activity they developed a good routine. It made for an early day but that is ok, its good to get going early. Breakfast by 5:30, the pups were really hungry after a good nights sleep. I get them out to run in the kitchen while I clean the pen. I need to figure a way for a larger pen as the pups are very clean and only potty in one corner. It is amazing how they did this on their own. Once the pen is clean I make their breakfast and I ask them "are you hungry" they run over to me and all sit and watch while I get breakfast ready for them. They know what hungry means. They are so cute to see them lined up for food.

Once this is done all the adults go out to potty and spend a few minutes outside. During this time I get my coffee made and the pups are all settled, ready for their morning nap. The others all come back in to join me for coffee hour sometimes longer. They all get a treat and then settle down. For the most part they are very good. Walter will test me with chewing and he has now learned the word LEAVE IT and is getting very good when I tell him to leave it.

Walter can be a challenge, he is an independent boy and wants what he wants. I am going to start working on tricks with him, the goal is for his AKC trick title. I think it will be fun and I think that Walter will enjoy it. When they have fun training they learn so quickly.

Covid is raising it's ugly head again and once again we all need to be careful. It is so important to wear a mask for you and for others so both can be safe.

My dogs could not care for themselves if anything happened to me. So I am super careful, the dogs need me.

Puppies are going to their homes soon. They are ready for more one on one and some basic training. These pups are so smart and so pretty. I know that they will be wonderful family companions!

Sorry it has been so long since I wrote but raising pups does not leave a lot of time. Maybe a New Years resolution will help.

Take care, have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, October 18, 2020


 The pups will be four weeks on Tuesday morning. Two days ago I started feeding baby cereal with goats milk, they were not sure what to do. So I waited until today,made up some goats milk with baby cereal and a little softened puppy food. Well they just chowed it right down. It is amazing that two days development can make such a difference. They are now eating three meals a day plus mom is still taking care of them and nursing. Glory is the best mother, she is getting a little tired but always goes in with the pups when I ask her to. She still spends the night with them and they still need her throughout the night. I wish all my girls were such good moms, but Glory has been a mom a couple of times and she knows what is required. The pups are responding to my voice, they pop right up and come over to see me. It is hard to believe that in four weeks these pups will be fully developed to the point where they can go to their new homes. Their personalities are emerging and they are so cute and so funny. I love this age, even though it will get a little messy. Soon I will be able to take them to the kitchen to run and play and experience new things. It will be a busy time for sure. A friend of mine gave me a really nice camera for my birthday. I am looking forward to taking some really great photos. I can get close ups and the details are amazing. Of course I do need to practice, since I just grab my cell phone to get shots. I will post updates as they grow and hopefully will have some awesome photos.

 Glory's pups at three weeks!

Saturday, October 10, 2020


 I love puppies. From birth to watching the daily development is just amazing. First week they are able to crawl to mom to eat and then they sleep a lot. Mom stimulates them to poop and pee.She does that for the first week through about the fourth week. I change the bedding twice a day and it stays nice and clean.  Glory had four girls and three boys. The three boys and three of the girls are spoken for. They are now getting close to three weeks, which will be this coming Tuesday. Their eyes are open and they are hearing now. They are starting to respond to my voice and they hear noises. They are so darn cute right now. I am a little nervous about visitors, the covid is beginning to increase in New Hampshire. We will social distance and wear masks. The visits will be short. We won't be picking pups until they are eight weeks. The litter is co-owned with a friend and she has to pick her pups first. The pups are really getting into the fun age and I love pups at this stage. I will move them to the kitchen at four weeks. This will make it easier for them to run and play on the kitchen floor. 

I did not write for awhile as I was so intent on watching Glory, as she was very late to have her pups. But all was well, she and mother nature knew what was going on.It was not a real easy birth but she did very well.

Lots of pictures soon. Hope you are all well and take care.


Saturday, September 19, 2020


 Every  morning I have all the dogs up with me and we have morning coffee together. Topaz is my paper thief, any thing she can reach, any type of paper, paper towel, cardboard, even wall paper which is not good at all. I don't know the attraction but she loves paper. So this morning she grabbed something that I definitely did not want her to have, I got up quickly and told her "leave it" and she did. Before I sat down again, there she was lapping coffee from my cup. She loves coffee too and if I forget and leave my cup too close to the edge of the table she will stand up and drink my coffee. You really have to be on your toes around her.  So many things to think of. She can outsmart me so quickly. She has quite a sense of humor, you can see it in her eyes. Bonnie is at Illusion Farm Shelties being bred to a lovely dog. But she is Topaz's playmate and Topaz is lost without her. They are such best buddies. All I have to do is get down just a little and Topaz's front goes down and her rear comes up tail, wagging, she is ready to play. You can see the joy on her face. 

We are still waiting on Glory, one more due date. I really did not expect her to go so long before whelping. If we get past the last due date, and pups have not arrived, we will make a trip to the vet. Hopefully those pups will show up this weekend and the vet won't be necessary.All I can do is wait and I am not good at that. Mother Nature is in charge so not much that I can do.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020


Cant believe that it has been a month since I have written. I don't know where the time goes. It was so hot for so long that I did not have much ambition. I set up the small agility course in the garage, about 10 obstacles and I have used it once. I am so ready for the cool fall weather. We have  had a couple of days that have been very nice. I put the air on today and brought the dogs in with me so we could all cool down.

I am waiting for pups to arrive,Glory was bred and fortunately she is expecting. The pups should come any day now. I am all set for them and looking forward to their arrival and being busy with them again. Her first due date is tomorrow. I love having pups here especially after they have all arrived safely.These will be sable babies. It is a nice old pedigree and I may just keep a pup. Some dog shows have started up but not much local at all.  There have been a lot of virtual shows and many virtual obedience trials. I guess you would need a video of your dog performing and then submit it. I think that they have actual judges that look at them. Kind of a nice way if you don't like to travel.

Rosie and I have been walking early  mornings when it is really cool. She and I both need the exercise.She gets so excited when the leash comes out. She just loves getting out. It has been pretty quiet around here, the seniors are all well and that is good news. Bling and Brooke had their teeth cleaned and Brooke had a large lump removed that was benign. I am thankful for that. She is 11 soon and you never know what could come up. 

Hope you all survived the heat and are ready for the fall season. It is my favorite time of year.


                                    GLORY          WALTER

Tuesday, August 11, 2020


 Last month I set up a small agility course in the big garage which is usually cool. With the weather we have been having I have used it only one time.  It is even too hot in the garage to be comfortable doing agility. I am hoping that today is the last day of brutal heat and humidity. I know the dogs do too. Thankfully my dog room in the walkout basement stays fairly cool, not as cool as in normal weather but the dogs love the cool cement floor. They are either there or lying under the window air conditioner. They do know how to find cool. Usually Bling and Keeper are under the air. Rosie and I usually walk on the trail next to the house but the last two mornings even early, have been too hot. Maybe by Thursday things will have cooled off some. Rosie and I both need the exercise. Once things have cooled off I can get them all back out to the large exercise area so they can really run. Chanel and Jessie are here to visit for the day. Too hot for them to do errands with their mom in the car. They too have found the cool spots in the kitchen. This has been the longest, hottest summer that I can remember. The dogs and I are ready for fall. We need to be able to get out to run and play. Keep plenty of fresh, cool water available for the dogs and no car rides until this weather goes away. They all agree, maybe a few extra cookies.

Hopefully I will get back to writing more than just once every two weeks.