Tuesday, November 13, 2018


It has been raining since last night and very hard all morning. Good day to get paperwork done and some grooming.
The dogs absolutely hate going out in this kind of rain. Bling absolutely refuses. I actually have to pick her up and put her out. I can't blame them, I would not want to go out like that. 
Keeper is working out well with  his new home and they are going to keep him. He is learning so much already. He will start formal training after the 1st of the year.
Luke, also is doing very well. A little issue learning to go potty on a leash but has finally caught on and all is well. They love him so much and he is staying also.
So for young ones I have almost 5 month old Bonnie, who is a bi-blue. Very smart and takes to training like a duck to water. She  absorbs things so quickly. She surprised me this morning with running up the stairs when I brought them in to have coffee with me. Next, I have Topaz who is one year old, she looks like a tri but is a cryptic blue. She needs a lot more training as she thinks everything is a game, she wants to play all the time. And last is Walter, who is 16 months. I  hope to show him in the spring so we need to get started with show training.
Days like today are just not motivating for me. I am sitting here with a cup of tea, debating what comes next this morning.
I am having Thanksgiving here this year, my son and daughter in law and two grand kids will be coming. Since Len passed I have a really hard time getting into the holidays. But will make the best of the day. One holiday at a time, not thinking of Christmas yet. I pretty much still go one day at a time which is the easiest way for me. If I think too far ahead just too much to worry about.
I do feel good that I am ready for winter, as much as I possibly can be. Window air conditioners out, storms down. Furnaces cleaned and serviced. Just need to fill my gas cans for the snow blower and the generator. I am ready but not really wanting snow to come. 
Maybe do a couple of games with the pups today. No way that we can work outside. 
I also have pedigrees to research for my friend Kathleen. I do enjoy research work and today may be a good day for that. 
Time to try to get motivated and make this a productive day.
All for now!

Saturday, October 27, 2018

I sure have a hard time keeping up this blog. I have been spending time thinking about which dogs I should place and what would be best for each one.  I decided that Keeper needed to be a full time house dog and get more training than I was giving him. He also does not like Girly my cat, and would always want to chase her and she was afraid of him.
I friend of mine came to visit him a couple of times and she and her husband decided that they would love to make Keeper a part of their family. They have one Sheltie  and that will be perfect for Keeper. He will be a full time house dog and get alot of training. He has so much potential and now he can fulfill his potential. I am looking forward to seeing what he can accomplish.
My boy Luke, who has been my only stud dog went sterile about a year ago so I made the decision to find him a good home where he will  be a full time house dog and get some more training. I was fortunate in that a couple called and were looking for a Sheltie and not a puppy. They came to meet Luke and they loved him. So on the third of November he will be going to his new home and he will continue with his therapy training. I am really happy for Luke too. It is a life he will love. 
I will miss both these boys as I love them both, but I want a better life for them and they will have more time and attention than I can do. With multiple dogs it is hard to give everyone the same attention and training. I will now have seven Shelties and four of them are seniors so there is no need of training. I have three youngsters and all three will get more time and training. It will be better for them and they do need the work. Looking forward to doing classes with them and maybe a title or two.
Once again I will try to keep up this blog, maybe I should write early every morning.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

October is a hard month!

Guess I have not done much writing lately. It was a hard first few days of October,with Lens birthday and our anniversary. I was going to go down to Rochester to shop today but just raining too hard and not worth the drive.
The dogs are in and laying all around the house and being good. Topaz who is 11 months and still very much a puppy is playing with the puppy, Bonnie who is only 4 months. They are great friends and play well together. 
I have a good book sitting in the living room just waiting for me to pick it up. I will probably do that this afternoon.
I have finally found a really nice home for Luke. He has been sterile for about a year, so there is no point to show him, since he can no longer produce. He is going to be the only dog and get lots of attention and exercise. He will love that and being a full time house dog as he loves to come in and curl up and sleep. I am excited for  him. It is hard to give up a dog but sometimes it is doing the best for them that shows real love for them.
Luke will be one happy spoiled boy. I placed three of my breeding girls when Len got sick as my focus was all on him, it had to be that way. In this past year I have bought two young girls and can now continue to produce quality, healthy and happy pets. 
I am not ready to give up breeding Shelties and I still want to do a little showing. 
If Len was here that would be what he would want too. He really wanted to do some showing. I will carry on with the dogs as long as I am physically able. I think they keep me going and keep me from aging fast. I could not have survived Lens illness and death without my dogs. I had to keep going for them. No sleeping in for sure. 
A miserable, cold and wet day. That book is beginning to look really good.
The weekends are very quiet for me as everyone is busy with their lives and all the weekend chores that need to be done. Maybe tomorrow I will get the shopping done. I do want to find a good quality puppy food for Bonnie, the four month old.
Hopefully there will be some sunshine tomorrow.
Well that is all for now, hope to not be gone for so long when I write again.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Peace and Quiet

Finally I am able to take my friends Shelties back to her. Glamour had her pups and all the girls are bred. The peace and quiet of living with my own dogs will feel so good. I have had extra dogs here since late August. I am glad that I could help out my friend but I am tired and ready to get back to my normal routine, playing with Bonnie the puppy, walking Rosie when I can.  My kids all need grooming and I have to get into that and get everyone done.  I want to paint my dog room before winter also. After this year with so much dog activity and rain and mud, it is in need of a good cleaning and paint. I also have to decide if I should get more patio blocks or some kennel decking for the dog yard. I need to do something to get rid of the mud. My dog room would be so much cleaner if I could get rid of the mud. It really bothers me and the dogs get dirty every time it rains.
Tomorrow a friend is coming with me to help load up the dogs and take them back to Illusion Farm in Maine. It is wonderful to have the new pups here but it is time for them to go back with their mom. It is a big responsibility, they are thriving, eating really well and nice and fat and round. Very healthy pups. At two days you can't tell much more than that.
Glamour is an excellent mom and that really helps. It has been raining all day and wish it would stop. The dogs hate having to go out in the rain but no choice before bed time.
Time to face the rain and get everyone ready for bed. 


Monday, September 17, 2018

Beautiful Sunny Day!

This morning Rosie and I took a walk on the walking trail which is right next to the house. A perfect day for it. Lots of stress over the weekend that we needed to get rid of and exercise is the perfect way to get rid of it. 
Apparently I did something to upset my daughter in law but I have no idea what I did. I guess it goes back to the week my husband was passing and his funeral. Needless to say I was not concentrating on any one other than my husband. So much of that time was in a fog and I don't know who did or said what. But apparently she does.
Since Rosie needs to lose weight and I need to get into shape we went for a walk, and it was long enough that Rosie was puffing and I was breaking into a sweat. Will try to walk with her every day that the weather is good, she needs to lose about 5 pounds.
She hopefully is bred and losing the weight would be good for her.

Well my cat Girly, earned her keep last night. Maybe around 4 am I hear this weird yowling and it is her hunting noise. I turned the light on and there she is after this mouse, and she got it, threw it up onto the bed and I immediately threw it off. She went after it again but it was dead. I thought we had conquered the mouse problem this past summer but now that the evenings are getting cooler they must be coming back in. I am so thankful for Girly, such an awesome cat

Time to get into gear and get the dog room vacuumed and the crates washed out. This is a necessity very often. Especially with dirt and gravel kennels.

Hope everyone gets out to enjoy this beautiful day, take your pup for a walk, they will thank you for it. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

An Exhausting Time!

Another seven days have gone by and finally back to writing. I am helping a friend with dogs of hers due to a surgery that she had. I have a houseful and it is exhausting. I had thought I would start a puppy class with Bonnie but I am just too exhausted to get out of here early to make the class.It is an hours drive to class and I am just not up for it at this point. There are 14 dogs here and that is a huge amount of juggling.  Another two weeks and we will be back to normal here with just my dogs. It will be a nice feeling. Can you imagine trying to give them all attention, feeding and cleaning, and taking in and out. And that is with two girls in season and three stud dogs. 
Have seriously considered finding good homes for a couple of my dogs so that they all get more one on one attention. I always think that I can handle anything but just not so anymore. When I was younger and working a full time job, 14 dogs were not a problem, and not really a problem now just too hard to get out early in the morning.
I try to give house time to as many as possible. My dogs get upset if they don't get their house time so I make a point to keep their routine as normal as possible. 
Time to get moving, dogs are ready to eat and I need to get this day going.


Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Off to a good start today. This is a very busy place with three girls here for breeding and having three stud dogs here makes for a three ring circus. I have to juggle dogs coming and going as only one stud is being used and the other two are not very happy. By this time next week there will be peace here. 
I am really ready for that and it will be peaceful even with my 9 Shelties. The others will be going home. 
My own girl Rosie was bred a couple of weeks ago so she is no longer a temptation to the boys. 
Today I need to wash down the dog room , with 12 Shelties it does tend to get messy. 
Another day of heat and humidity, makes working hard. Going to take Bonnie the puppy out to the agility area to play on some of the puppy equipment, she just loves this and at 11 weeks she is really quick. 
This afternoon when the heat and humidity are at its highest the dogs will be in the walk out basement which is very cool.
Being a widow is not easy. Every day takes an effort to get going, but I know the dogs need me and I am able to get up and get moving. My cat, Girly, is sitting on the desk right next to the keyboard. She is such good company. I love her to pieces.She gets along with most of the dogs, which is really nice. 
I am putting off getting to work this morning but maybe after a cup of tea I will get the motivation I need to clean the dog room. 
Bonnie is sleeping now and when she wakes we will go play for a little while.
My Shelties are wonderful. They keep me going.  You just can't ignore them.