Saturday, September 14, 2019


Two mornings ago I took the dogs out to go potty and get ready to come up for our usual coffee routine. I went back down to get them and they all came running in. Walter was trying to get something away from Glory, I got a hold of her and saw two feet hanging out of her mouth and she was chewing. I made Walter get away and tried to open her mouth, I could not even begin to get her to let go. It was a huge frog that she apparently caught and boy it was hers and she was eating as fast as she could. I made her go outside, I could not get it away from her so I made her go outside so at least I did not have to watch her eat it. This morning when getting the young ones out of their crates, Glory ran to the door and did not make it, she pooped the biggest pile I have ever seen for a dog. I guess the frog did this to her. I am just thankful she did not do this in her crate and was able to wait until she was out of it. She ate her breakfast well so I guess that all is back to normal. I have never had a dog catch something that big and I have always been able to open their mouth and get it out. Something new always with dogs. I believe if I am in dogs longer than 40 years many more new things will pop up.
On a positive note Bonnie's head is perfect, she can look straight ahead, to the right and the left and she can stand and look at me head on. I am thrilled. 
So thankful that it was not something serious like we originally thought. 
One of Topaz's pups came to stay for a week. So things have been busy, she is a go go girl and loves to keep playing. She takes a nap in her crate mid afternoon and she is really ready for a rest. She and Finn had a blast, but even Finn needed a break so I put him in for a nap also.
She is going home today and I know that Finn will miss her but it will be nice to have just one puppy here. Too bad I could not capture some of their energy. 
I plan to show Walter this fall, I worked on his coat all evening and it is looking lovely, now if I can get a few pounds off of him we will be all set to go. I need to get back to our morning walks. He loves going walking and it is good for me also.
My little side yard is finished and now Max who will soon be 14 and Brooke almost 10 no longer have to down the steep flight of steps to the basement to go out. It is a nice little yard and just a couple of steps to a nice grassy area.Perfect for the older dogs. Max has trouble seeing the basement steps and Brooke just is afraid and hates to go down. Now their routine has to change as they will have to get used to eating in the kitchen. 
Need to get some housework done, so all for now. 
Have a wonderful weekend with your fur kids.


Thursday, August 29, 2019


Bonnie has been to the Chiropractor twice and has also had acupuncture and she is much better. She can now look straight on and to the right easily. We have one more session in another week and then she will be done. I have a neck exercise that I do with her every day and it too has helped her to improve. You would never know that she had a head tilt. It is totally gone.
The vet believes there was a trauma and it affected her right shoulder and neck so tilting her head to the left was alleviating the pain on the right. I am thrilled, she can continue with her training and some day have a litter. It pays to seek alternative treatments when an answer cannot be found.
Little Finn is growing like a weed. He is the newest member of the family. He has a fabulous pedigree. If he should go oversize I won't be able to use him for breeding. Right now he is tracking oversize on the charts, I am worried that he may have to have a pet home. But if that happens I will find him a wonderful home where he can do some training. He is fifteen weeks and already knows sit, lie down, here, lets go and of course go potty. He is doing very well with potty training. He is getting used to wearing a collar and formal leash training is next. I have hopes to take him as far as he can go in obedience, time will tell. He is a lovely tri color with the most intelligent eyes.I know that I probably should not have taken on a new pup but he is a gorgeous pup and his grandfather is a very well known show dog, here and internationally.
Sometimes you just can't resist. Raising a pup is a lot of work, especially house training and I know that if Finn makes size or not I will not be growing out another pup. I am ready for all my dogs to be mature adults that are good company and easy to live with. 
My Keeper who will be 10 on his next birthday has decided that he really is my keeper. If one of the dogs, especially young ones, jump on me or get too energetic around me Keeper will curl a lip and tell them to stop. They definitely respect  him. He has been with me about a year and this is a new job for him. I think he has really bonded with me and of course I have with him also. He absolutely loves being a house dog, hates going outside but does when asked to go.
He had been a kennel dog and was getting too old to continue with that life style so he came to live with me and be a full time house dog and he just loves it. He is so sweet and you will find him where ever I am. The senior Shelties are so sweet and such great company.
I need to vacuum the dog room today so best get moving. 
All for now!


Sunday, August 18, 2019


Coffee time almost over this morning, dogs are being good. So a few minutes to write before they decide that it is time for breakfast. I don't dare say that word or they will all be up and telling me that it is time. No way would they even think about missing a meal.
Bonnie's appointment at the Chiropractor went very well. It turns out that her right shoulder and right side of her neck are tight and probably due to an injury. They do play rough and as a young pup I do remember Topaz knocking her over in the kitchen. She seemed fine at the time though she did cry out. The vet did some manipulations and then acupuncture. It was really amazing to see Bonnie with all the little needles and totally relaxed. They stayed in about four or five minutes. I also have an exercise for her neck. It is really amazing that she looks much better, her head is barely tilting. We go back next week for another session and I hope that will be it for her. The neck exercise seems to be working. I have never taken a dog for acupuncture before but it is amazing how it works. It corrects what is not working and slows down what is going to fast. She compensated by tilting her head left and the vet said now it is partially a learned behavior. The right side has weakened and we are working to make it stronger.
I am so thankful that Bonnie's problem is not something so serious as a central nervous system disease.  Sometimes it does pay to look into alternative methods. Dogs are so stoic and often do not show any signs of pain when it may be there. I have found that Shelties are very stoic and handle things so well. So get to know your dogs really well, know the expression in their eyes. Their eyes can tell you so much. It is easy to really get to know your dog and will help you to determine if they hurt or not. 
I am so pleased that Bonnie will be well, although she acts perfectly normal and happy.
They are being so good this morning and have not asked for breakfast yet. So all for now, as I really to need to feed them and get this day going.

Monday, August 12, 2019


It seems that I am having a little trouble deciding on what to write. Sometimes the words just flow. I have been worried about my knee but finally had the Orthopedic appointment today. I could have a torn meniscus or just muscle sprain. We decided to just go with the shot for now and if it is muscle or a little arthritis it should be a huge help. I would have to have an MRI to see if the meniscus is torn. I have a bunch of exercises to do at home. This is such a relief. If I had to have surgery it would take a lot of planning because I would be on crutches for a week and that will not work with the dogs. I could just see them trying to attack the crutches. I can't even poop scoop without some of them attacking the scooper. It is the movement of the tool and their herding instinct. 
Sammy is very happy with Kathleen and there is no more competition between the boys. Which makes for a little more peace in the house. Topaz is doing well with her class. She seems to enjoy the training. She loves learning. She is an easy girl to work with. For quite awhile she has not wanted to go into her crate at night. Now she listens and goes right in for me, of course there is a cookie involved, but there was a cookie before.She loves the attention. 
The weather this weekend was perfect and I spent a lot of time playing with the dogs. Some of them will chase a ball as long as you want to throw it. Walter is one of those, it is such good exercise for him. Topaz will go for the ball but once she has it she wants to peel the cover off of it. She has had destroyed so many tennis balls. I guess for her birthday in November I will buy her a bag of tennis balls and try to keep them intact.
Bonnie goes to the Chiropractor on Thursday and I am hopeful for good results. Her head tilt definitely has improved some. It will be interesting to see what an adjustment might do for her.
I would love to be able to see her train for herding, her instinct is so strong. If the winters were not so harsh here I would get some sheep but I really don't want to go out in sub zero temperatures, to feed and water sheep. I did that years ago and I loved having them. Just don't want the work now. It is so neat to train a dog that truly has the instinct to herd. Maybe I will find her a class. All for now!

Sunday, August 4, 2019


I have not written in a few days as I had some serious thinking to do.I have had Sammy here for a little more than six months and I could not get him house trained. He and Walter would come in and it seemed like a male competition. Walter has always been the number one boy and was having a hard time dealing with another intact boy.When Sammy first came we had a few scuffles, nothing serious but they did not like each other. After a couple of months this died down and they got along, or so I thought. Sammy had not been trained as a pup and that makes a big difference. I have been raising Shelties for 40 years and I was beating myself up as I thought with all the years with the dogs I certainly could house train one 20 month old boy. I did not need the stress and Walter was starting to mark and he definitely knows better, he had been house trained since he was a baby. I was so torn. Many times I decided to take him back to his breeder and then would change my mind and try again. I was getting frustrated. And I was concerned about Walter regressing with the male competition. So a week ago I made the decision to take him back. My friend was very gracious and wanted to take him back. He will be used for breeding and maybe he will be shown. He was happy to see Kathleen and that really made me feel good. He will be well cared for and used for breeding.Now Walter and I can relax. Walter has not marked once since Sammy left. I was so pleased, he had not forgotten his early training.When I am more relaxed the dogs sense it and they are more relaxed too. It broke my heart to take him back, but seeing how Walter is behaving and with my frustration gone it was the right thing to do. I will see Sammy from time to time when I visit my friend. There are times when no matter what you try things just don't work and it is best for the dog to make changes where he will be happier. Every time a dog leaves a piece of my heart goes with him or her.I don't let my dogs go lightly, but when a new person or home will give them better than I can then it is only fair for the dog to be happy.
I believe things are under control now and every one is happy and doing well.
Topaz did really well with her first obedience class, she is so smart and very tuned in. I really enjoy working with her. Maybe some day she will get to an obedience trial.

Saturday, July 27, 2019


Bonnie is doing well and her head tilt has improved quite a lot. We are still going to the Chiropractor because I now believe she had an injury when younger. She and Topaz play hard and I remember the time I heard Bonnie cry and Topaz had pushed her against a kitchen cabinet. My vet has said that if it was something serious she would not be getting better and she is. The head tilt is almost not noticeable. Most would not pick up on it. I may try to find her a nice home where she will get more one on one. She is a smart girl, I started her training at 8 weeks and she remembers it well. She knows sit and down and walks well on a leash. She is house trained and crate trained. Of course if she went to a new home she would need house training to develop a new routine. I would like her to be with someone who was home most of the time.
I don't think she would be happy hanging out in the house or crate all day while someone worked full time. She is super smart and trained so fast. She is still puppy at 13 months. I believe she has so much potential. I am not sure that I want to breed her and I want the best for her. Time will tell and if the perfect place comes along for her then I would consider doing what is best for her. I love all my dogs and it is hard to think of letting them go but sometimes they need more than I can give, especially with so many Shelties. I have placed a few Shelties over the years and it was not easy but I knew what I was doing was best for the dog. If they can get better than what I do for them then it is right.
Sometimes it is more loving to give them something better than what I give them. I know them well and I know their needs. We will see what time brings.
Topaz is enrolled in basic obedience and she is super smart too and I am looking forward to training her. I would love to get back into Therapy work. Hopefully I can work towards that.
I have had four Shelties that were awesome Therapy dogs. It is very rewarding for the people we visit and also for me. I love to share my dogs.
I take life one day at a time and believe that what is meant to be will happen.
The hair is flowing around here, so today I will completely groom two more, maybe three if I get the ambition. Everyone is shedding, even Bonnie but she does not have undercoat, but is shedding some of her coat. She never had undercoat but maybe it will come with age.
All for now! Rosie is telling me that it is time for breakfast so I better get moving.


Tuesday, July 23, 2019


Another day of rain, and wet, muddy and smelly dogs. You think the rain would bother them but not so. The seniors definitely don't like to go out in the rain, I have to give them a gentle push, heaven forbid that they get their feet wet. Especially Brooke, she just does not want wet feet. The young dogs don't care which is great, they will run right out in the rain and want to play chase. They don't care if they get soaked. They just shake it off and go on playing chase, and catch me if you can. The Shelties and dogs in general are amazing as they accept whatever is given to them and especially the weather. Although Bling who is 9 years old becomes very upset with heavy rain and thunder. With thunder she will find a place to hide and bark at the thunder. I think she thinks that she can chase it away. One night we had storms and she barked the whole night. Thankfully the others did not join her. If they had there would have been no sleep that night. I did a complete grooming on Brooke and Keeper yesterday and thankfully they go out and do what they need to and come right back in. They don't get muddy and their coats just fluff up a bit with the rain. I am glad that I started with the seniors yesterday and not the younger dogs as they get muddy and very wet. I took out tons of hair yesterday as this is the shedding time of year, now through September, and once the undercoat is gone they look so pretty. Will do two more seniors this week, Max who is 13 and he hates brushing. But that is only because of his age and it hurts his skin, so I do small portions at a time and it takes several days to get him groomed out. I started on Glory the other evening and sat on my grooming box rather than put her on the table which I usually do. She was in seventh heaven. She put her head on my knee and just soaked it all in. Glory would be a wonderful Therapy dog for someone. I co-own her with a friend and she is here to have a litter and then I may find her a home where she will blossom with not living with a pack. But this will take a lot of thought as it is pretty easy to get attached to her. The home will need to be perfect, she is so sweet and loving, I can see her visiting the elderly and giving much joy. Having a therapy dog  is a wonderful experience for all. The elderly love to see the dogs, have a time to pet and talk to them. Many have memories of dogs in their past. It is so rewarding to share your dog and bring joy.
I have digressed from the rain topic. I am hopeful this will be the last day of rain for awhile. I want to get everyone groomed and it would be so nice if they could stay clean. I have small stone in my dog yard but the dirt is beginning to come through. I have purchased a few pieces of kennel deck which helps a lot. They are over the area by the gate which used to get very muddy and now they keep clean. They like the decking and often lay on it and not on the stone, it is much more comfortable. Actually they prefer to be in the house. They are good for the most part, although if Topaz can steal any kind of paper she will. Then we have a great game of catch me if you can. She loves the little yellow notepads, she will rip pages off before I can catch her. Then Bonnie sees what fun she is having grabs a sheet of paper and proceeds to shred it, what fun!! Someday I hope to get back into therapy, maybe Topaz. We start her obedience class tomorrow and if she does well we will go on with the training and get her Canine Good Citizen title so that she can become certified for therapy.
For now all is peaceful. Maybe I will be lucky and have a few moments of peace before breakfast. 

Morning coffee with the kids!!

Saturday, July 20, 2019


Twelve days since I have written about Bonnie. Her head may be a little straighter but still tilting. I have decided to take her to a veterinary chiropractor. In trying to cover all bases it is possible she hurt herself and maybe has a pinched nerve. An adjustment might help that and she would be able to straighten her head. It is worth a try and would be wonderful if this is the problem. I am hopeful.
The dogs don't like this weather anymore than I do. They just lay around and some of them love the basement floor, it is quite cool.
I had another one of Topaz's puppies visit this week. It is so nice to see how the pups are developing. Topaz and Zuzu her daughter seemed to know each other. When Coco visited a few weeks ago she and Topaz also seemed to know each other. It is fun to see them interact with each other. 
This is a really good day to brush dogs in front of the air conditioner. With this heat and humidity their coats are just falling out in big tufts. It is not too difficult to brush when the hair is dropping on its own. 
Topaz is a very independent girl and will often ignore me especially if there is some paper she can steal. That is her favorite thing to do, she just loves paper of any kind and will play keep away as I really don't want her eating it. That is her next favorite thing to do. I have to make sure that nothing important is within her reach. She loves to steal any thing that she can reach.  So Topaz and I are going to a beginner obedience class. A few manners will be good for her. Lately she has been ignoring my come command, I go get her and tell her come but next time she ignores me again. She is having fun, thinks this is a game. She will get down on her front paws, butt in the air and tail wagging, she is challenging me, "come get me if you can." If I grab a cookie she will come to me but I don't want to reinforce her bad behavior. She is so funny and I try not to laugh, she gets this look on her face that says " I dare you" and she really does. I now put her on a leash when she comes out of her kennel in the morning so she has no choice but to do what I ask and she is fine with that. I think that she will train beautifully and we will have fun. I can picture her as a very well trained dog.

Topaz and Bonnie!

Monday, July 8, 2019


A beautifully cool morning this morning. Should be a nice day without the humidity and heat. The kind of summer that I love. Bonnie is doing well, we don't have answers for her head tilt. We had thought maybe a tick disease as those diseases attack the central nervous system. All her blood work came back normal, no tick disease, thyroid normal and all other blood work normal. She is on Doxycycline so that if there is some infection this will clear it. At times her head tilt looks a little better but it always goes back to the tilting left. I thought about an MRI which would show any tumors and maybe swelling in the brain, I have decided against it as I would not put Bonnie through the surgery for a brain tumor. Operating on the brain can be so risky. Once she has finished the month of Doxycycline she will go on Methadexazone in case there is any swelling and hopefully it would help that. Then another thought I had was that she could have had a toxic reaction to the heart worm meds. I always used to use Interceptor until they stopped making it, there was no Ivermectin in it. I switched to Generic Heartguard as there was no choice, but it has Ivermectin in it and that could be a possibility. I have read about Ivermectin toxicity and the damage from that is not reversible. My plan for Bonnie is to just keep her comfortable and happy. And she is a very happy girl and seems to have no pain. There is the possibility that she played too rough and hurt herself, but my vet said she would get better from an injury. 
I am sitting here writing and I feel this cold nose poking at my leg, of course it is Keeper wanting some attention. He is the sweetest boy ever.
With this heat everyone is dropping coat and I have hair everywhere. I am brushing as fast as I can and it is pretty easy as the hair is just dropping out. Soon everyone will be naked and much easier to keep, sometimes I think a smooth coated Sheltie would be wonderful.
Well that is my news for today, enjoy this beautiful cool air. 
A friend of mine has a 10 week old bi black female available, she is so cute and has a wonderful personality. At 10 weeks she really needs her own home. If anyone is interested give Harriet a call at 603-539-1603. Her picture is below.

Saturday, June 29, 2019


Bonnie just had her first birthday and is a little terror but very smart and can be sweet if she wants to. The past few weeks she has started tilting her head to the left and can't seem to bring it straight on. At first I thought she was just cocking her head and being cute like pups do. Now it seems to be more than that. We are going to the vet on Monday for a good physical and blood work. There is vestibular disease but she is too young for that, it is something that can be common in old dogs, a head tilt with circling and confusion. Bonnie does not have any of those symptoms. She is just as feisty as ever and every thing else is normal.  I will be glad to have her checked out and see what we can do for her. 
Took a ride up to Illusion farm yesterday to visit my friend Kathleen and see her beautiful pups.She has some outstanding pups and your heart just melts. I am hoping that one day I will have some pups that look like hers. 
For now I am happy that my young ones are growing up. A break from the puppy stage will be really good. I love my seniors and I have five of them and they are so good and so easy. Although it is a little sad to see them getting old. They are such good company, they have their favorite places to sleep and spend much of the day sleeping. But when Fed ex or UPS comes they are right up and letting me know. Then I see these beautiful pups and would love one but know that what I have now is easy and pups grow up before you know it. Having been a breeder for 40 years and showing dogs almost as long, it is something hard to give up, it is in your blood and you never lose the urge to produce beautiful pups.
On that note I have bred Bling to my Walter who is producing stunning pups and maybe something will come from that, but at the least I will have beautiful, quality pets that will make families very happy and that gives me much satisfaction. Quality, healthy pets for families is even more important than the next show dog.
I will post more on Bonnie once we know what is going on with her.
The fourth of July is coming up this week. Please be careful with your dogs, don't let them out during the fireworks. All dogs should be chipped so if they get lost it will help to bring them home. But the best thing is to be extremely careful during this holiday!

Monday, June 24, 2019


Guess it has been awhile since I sat down to write. Time just seems to go so fast. The past couple of weeks have been hard and there is no explanation other than I am getting close to the second anniversary of my husbands passing. It has been weighing on my mind, all that has gone by and when my mind gets like this  it is hard to put thoughts on paper.
Been spending more time with the dogs, the evenings have been nice and cool and perfect for playing ball with them They all love the chase. Sammy is an awesome retriever. Walter is a close second, and Bonnie often comes up with the ball and brings it right back. When Topaz gets the ball I have to immediately grab it from her as all she wants to do is to take the covering off the ball. We could sit out there for hours but after about an hour everyone is slowing down, the exercise has worn them out. So now when they all come in they should be good and go lie down. But it does not take long for them to be ready to go again. The old saying a tired dog is a good dog and that is so true.
One of my pups came to visit on Saturday and it was so nice to see her. She looks wonderful, and is learning some basic obedience. They are doing an awesome job with her. I did glue her ears for them as they were looking like a German Shepherd. When the pups are teething their ears can go all over the place and it is a good time to set them so eventually they tip properly.
It is so nice to see a sheltie with pretty tipped ears. They add so much to their expression.
The ticks here have been miserable, it is like they are just waiting for you to come out and they attack. I have to spray the dogs about every other day to keep them tick free. I am going to try a new natural spray called Wondercide, supposed to work really well and I can use it on my clothes too. 
Many chores waiting for me today so that is all for now and once again I will try to not let so much time go by.

My friend Harriet has this lovely sable male pup available, he is 13 weeks and so sweet. You can reach her at 603-539-1603

Tuesday, June 11, 2019


Yesterday I had Rosie spayed and she had a dental at the same time.She could not have breakfast or her morning cookie, she was not happy. No one got their morning cookie as I could not leave her out, so everybody was not especially happy.
Rosie is one of those special Shelties that loves everyone. She was happy to go for a ride, not knowing what was going on and she was happy to see everyone at the vets. She did not seem to mind that I left. 
I picked her up late in the afternoon and she was not so happy but managed a small tail wag for me. Once home she was very quiet and seemed depressed, she just wanted to sleep which was the best thing for her. Last night was the first time in Rosie's life that she refused to eat. So not Rosie. Later that evening she did eat a little and I was able to get her medication into her. She likes to sleep downstairs where it is much cooler. I carried her down, she is a smart girl, I knew she would not try to run upstairs and she did not. She hurt and seemed to understand she had to be quiet. This morning she greeted me at the stairs with a couple of tail wags, and she was not going to miss another morning cookie, I knew then that she would be fine  in a few days. Right now she is sleeping next to me while I write. This is the best thing for her and for healing. 
I am so glad that I decided to do the spay now, she will be 8 years old in October, we share the same birthday. I asked the vet about the condition of her uterus and it was filled with fluid. She could easily have developed an infection. I had hoped for a Rosie daughter, but just not to be. 
I am thankful for Rosie and hopefully now we will have many years together. She is my best friend. I often call her Rosebud, her nickname. Len started calling her that when she was a baby. She responds to both names.
I love all my Shelties, but Rosie is my heart dog, we have all had one of those who are just extra special.

The best mom Sheltie there ever was!!She just loves babies and when the pups are about 4 to 5 weeks she will play with them and take care of them even if they are not hers. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2019


This morning at 5 am the shelties all started barking and it went on for a good 15 minutes, I don't know what all the ruckus was about. I finally got up to check and absolutely nothing was going on. So went ahead and took them out and left them for at least 20 minutes. Got the coffee going, a little early for me. Once the coffee was ready brought them up for our coffee hour. Put the two boys out and left them for half an hour, then brought them up to join us. They were so wound up and I don't know why, maybe because Bling is in season and I need to keep her separated. But their sense of smell is so good, that it did not matter where Bling was, they knew.
Sammy has turned into a real love, stays right by me or wants to be in my lap. He also loves the ball, always in his mouth. I need to refresh the toy box, after awhile the toys get destroyed and are no longer safe for them to use.
The pups are finally all in their new homes and all are doing well. I am so pleased with the homes that they have. I hope to get photos as they develop, I love to see how my babies turn out. Maybe pups late fall, but that is a long way off. Walter has been producing beautifully and would like to have some of his pups here. Maybe fall.
Looks like a good day for working outside, more hay to rake and dump and I need to put up the sun screen over the dog yard. I get a lot of sun out there in the summer, wish I got it in the winter but not enough to do any good. They need the sun screen, almost completely covers the dog yard, there is a small section where they can lay in the sun if they feel like it and sunbathing is something that they enjoy. Just imagine if I could put all the shelties to work, things would get done so quickly! Well I need to get moving and take advantage of this good weather. I sure miss my babies, but I know each one is getting what they need and more than I could give them as they grow up.

Sunday, June 2, 2019


This morning was a little quieter than usual. My last puppy Coco went to her new home yesterday. I had kept her for four extra weeks as the family had travel plans before they bought the puppy. It is a wonderful home so I did not mind. Though I did not realize how attached I would become with Coco. She was bonded with me too.The people who have her are very excited and she is their first puppy. I have helped them as much as possible and when they have questions they contact me and we work it out. In a week or so Coco will be bonding with them and I will feel good with taking the puppy pen down and putting it away. When the pups normally go to homes at eight weeks, you have been so busy taking care of them and not bonding closely with anyone pup. But when one stays longer it is much harder to let go. I guess this is why I usually keep a puppy. The puppy that definitely was a show prospect was going to be a big girl and probably too large for show, so the decision was made to not keep a pup from this breeding. I will breed Topaz again when she is a little older and will hope for a quality tri color female. I need to be very selective as it is easy to get too many dogs.
Rosie has missed for the third time so she is scheduled for a spay and a dental at the same time.
I did not get a daughter from her, and I did learn with a little older dog there may not be another chance.I truly believe that things happen the way they are supposed to. 
I think the time has come to get my computer room in order, it was my husbands office but I need to pack up his things and turn it into my room. Very hard to do but it is time.
I have missed attending dog class these past two years and think it is time I take either Topaz or Bonnie to learn some basic obedience. I loved going to class and it definitely motivates you to work with the dogs. 
Keeping involved with the dogs is the best thing for me. Losing your spouse of 52 years makes it very hard to start a new life and to keep the old going. I need to continue to live like my shelties do, one day at a time. Someday I may have a new normal. The hardest thing is to make the decisions on the dogs myself, we always did that together. Len had a good eye for a quality dog and he loved to show them.Again I am thankful for the dogs, they keep me going. Caring for pups makes the time fly by. On a more positive note I have met many wonderful people who have my dogs and many good friends have come from being involved with the dogs.
Kaley, a very well trained girl!!

Monday, May 27, 2019


Yesterday Minnie went to her new home. It is a great home and I know she will have a good life. I sure do miss her. She is one smart little girl. She and Coco had really bonded with each other and did everything together. Coco seems to be a little lost, she will be going to her new home this coming Saturday. I have been giving her a lot of free time in the kitchen with the dogs and took her out to the agility area to play. She is having a good time and I am doing a little training with her. I don't keep her out in the grass too long as the ticks this year are pretty active. She loves playing with Bonnie who is 11 months and and who is very good with her. Bonnie is still very puppy and enjoys Coco.
I had Coco out with me yesterday while I was loading the dishwasher and she decided that she wanted to help. She jumped up on the door of the dishwasher and was very interested in everything going into it. Too cute to not get a photos.
Sheltie pups are so agile and jumping up on the dishwasher door is very easy for them.
I let her help for a few minutes and then took her off. She sure knows how to entertain herself.
A quiet memorial day here, many memories of my husband Len, who passed due to brain cancer almost two years ago. I don't know where the time has gone, it still seems like yesterday. Len was a veteran and served in the US Marine Corp. He loved the dogs and often showed them. He was very competitive and loved the showing. Make the most of each day, as you never know what tomorrow will bring. My Shelties were my life savers, they gave me purpose each day and fill many hours for me. I can still show my Shelties but it is not as much fun doing it alone. Not sure that I will continue with the conformation showing. I have Walter who has turned out to be a lovely boy and deserves to be shown. Walter is special as he has Lens middle name and was born just a few days after Len passed.  Maybe as time goes on my thoughts will change. For now I am very thankful for my dogs. I try to live like they do, one day at a time!

Friday, May 24, 2019


Sammy is the newest member of the family. He has a wonderful temperament and seems to love being here. It is now time to learn some house manners. House training is coming along pretty good, although does need improvement. It will just take more time. I am starting to teach him to wait before he comes charging out of his crate in the morning. Actually all the young ones are learning this in the morning. When they all come charging out it is chaos and it is much too early for so much excitement. Sammy is catching on quickly, I open the crate and hold my hand in front of him and tell him to wait, if he starts to come forward he will hit my hand and I tell him to wait. He backs up to wait, with a few kisses on the hand while waiting. He is such a ham!! Then I release him and he comes out slowly, which is my goal for all of them. I do this with each one in the morning and they will soon know what wait means and I will be able to use that command anywhere. It is perfect for not letting them charge out the door before you. That could be a safety issue too. 
I now know that Sammy loves news paper. As the pups are so large now I use paper as it is easy to change and keep the puppy pen clean. Yesterday morning Sammy was able to pull a piece of paper out of the pen and proceeded to shred it into a million little pieces, kept him busy for a long time, before I realized what he was doing the kitchen floor was totally covered in little pieces of paper, of course he had some help, Topaz, Bonnie and Walter had joined in.
I need to keep a closer eye when working on the computer. At least he had fun, it did not make sense to get upset, the deed was done, but now if I even hear a piece of paper rattle I am checking on them.
I am going to miss the pups when they go to their homes but I am ready to take the puppy pen down and put the kitchen back in order.  Very soon. Minnie is going home on Saturday, I sure will miss her, such a character. Coco will be going a week from Saturday. 
Sammy will come along very nicely, he listens and he is proud when he figures out something. I am thrilled to have this little guy who is a very biddable dog.
I have some new photos that a friend took for me and I really need to post them.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019


I just spent the last 20 minutes writing all about going up to Illusion Farm to help with whelping a litter of pups. Well the post just disappeared and here I go again. The lady taking care of the farm needed some help with one of the girls who was about to whelp. It is always less nerve wracking to have someone with you through the whelping process. I took care of my dogs, got the puppies all set with extra food and water as I knew that I might be late. I arrived about one thirty in the afternoon and Deana had been in labor for awhile. We sat down to await the arrival of the first pup. Finally the puppy appeared and as soon as mom finished with him we started to dry him and shake the mucous out so that normal breathing could start. Unfortunately this little guy was not breathing and probably had passed awhile ago, probably it was too long before he was born. Always sad to start with losing a puppy. As the afternoon went by six more pups were born and we were kept busy with drying pups and shaking out the mucous to get them breathing well. Finally by six pm all seemed well and I knew I had to go and take care of my dogs. In every whelping you learn something new, just with raising dogs there is always something new coming up, you never know everything and so many things change. Each litter presents something you never saw before, a learning experience for sure. You always feel good when things go smoothly and the pups are doing well. 
I arrived home close to 8 pm and had a bunch of hungry dogs. They had been so good, no accidents, of course the younger ones were crated. I got busy and fed everyone and got them out to exercise, let the pups run in the kitchen as they were confined all day.
Minnie and Coco are the two pups waiting for their homes to be ready for them. They are like twins, just little differences. They love each other and will miss each other. Minnie is going this weekend and Coco the following. I have become very attached to them but they really are ready to have their own home and people. They are smart little girls and so much fun. I will miss them. But I will feel better knowing they will get what I can't give them now. My Shelties need my time and attention.
Finally the agility area is dry and the grass is cut and I can get everyone out to run and really stretch their legs. They need to do the zoomies, which I love to watch. They run circles and go as fast as they can, they just love to run all out.
I may be showing Walter next month so I need to get busy with working with him. It has been such a long winter and wet spring that he has not been out so need to start going places. He had lots of socializing and classes as a pup. He should be ok. I have been working on his coat and it is looking good. 
Well time for breakfast for the kids and they are being very patient this morning. Sometimes they are very naughty but often surprise me and are very good. They usually are not patient dogs but this morning they have surprised me. 
Shelties are so intuitive and so special.

Friday, May 17, 2019


Well here it is ten days since I have written. I have been busy with the dogs, lots of grooming to get caught up and doing well with it. Three puppies have gone to their new homes. Two pups still here until the end of the month. They get lots of play time and attention. They are at the age that they need this. The two little girls, Minnie and Coco are bonding with each other. They are so cute and look like twins, exactly the same size.
Went to help a friend whelp a litter yesterday. Did not get home until almost 8 last night. 
The dogs were really good, waiting for their dinner and no accidents in the house. My little cat Girly, did not know why I was gone for so long. She was sitting in the middle of the kitchen table when I came in. She was thrilled to get her dinner. Even cats like their routine.
I have been working in the dog yard getting it ready for fresh stones, it has been a couple of years or more and they really need refreshing. I was not planning on rain today. Guess I can get the rest of the toenails cut and grooming done.
The other morning I was sitting looking at my emails, all the dogs were in with me. It had been very quiet for awhile so I decided I had better take a look and see what was going on. Well I had a bunch of bananas on the table and each dog had a banana or a piece of banana or skin and they were having a feast. Topaz is my table thief, they must have been just close enough for her to reach. I couldn't believe it, a brand new bunch too. My dogs love bananas but I usually only give them small pieces and never any skin. Hopefully they would digest the skin ok and they did, no one had any digestive issues at all. Learned my lesson, no food at all to be left on the table. Once I got over the shock of seeing my bananas gone from the table it was really funny to watch them chowing down. I tried to take them away but it was useless so I just let them finish.
My Shelties certainly keep me on my toes. They keep me going and laughing and I could not live without them.

Minnie at four weeks, sound asleep!

Tuesday, May 7, 2019


Seems like I can not keep up this blog. Two of the pups have gone to their new homes and I will keep in touch to be sure that they are adjusting and doing well. It is hard to let them go but to be honest, taking care of three pups is a little easier. The little boy will be going to his home next Monday. That will leave me Minnie and Cocoa for the next three weeks. As far as care this will be easier but much harder to try not to get attached to these pups. They will have each other for company and I will start a little training with them. I will get them outside when there is a nice day. Will teach them to sit and let them drag a leash around to get used to it.
I know that they will bond with me but once with their new owners they will adjust. Minnie is my favorite, full of personality and vinegar. She is an extremely talkative little girl.
I had thought to work outside again today but the weather is looking like rain. So I think I will do some brushing and nail cutting. The senior dogs nails grow so fast, seems like you cut them and in a week or so they a long again. My seniors are so good, no problems with cutting nails, except of course for Rosie, she is very determined that I will not cut her nails. Such a strong willed little girl. She is still teasing me about being pregnant, one day I think she is for sure and the next day I don't know. Guess all I can do is wait. Two more weeks and we will know one way or the other. I would love to have a Rosie daughter, if she is expecting this is her last time and even if she is not, I will not breed her again. She will be spayed and have her teeth cleaned. I always have both done together as she only has to go under anesthesia one time.
I have a couple of adults that do not like puppies so when the pups are out running the kitchen these seniors are put in another room for a little while. Last night Cocoa was doing zoomies around the table, I have a round table so it is perfect for that. I have never seen such a little one go so fast, she was having a ball. You can't help but laugh, makes you feel so good.
It is really hard to have a litter and not keep a puppy but if Rosie gives me pups I know that I will keep one, unless all boys. I have to be careful to not have too many dogs, I need to be able to care for them all as they deserve and when there are too many it becomes hard. 
My Shelties are such good company, it could be very lonely since losing my husband but the Shelties fill my time and are always with me. I couldn't ask for more. 
Now that the weather is getting better I can get back to training outside and that is much more fun than training in the house. Sammy needs some basic obedience, he did not get that as a pup so we have a lot of catching up to do. I started Bonnie at eight weeks and we need to brush up on what she knows. She has not forgotten, one of the benefits of starting training at eight weeks.
My boys Walter and Sammy have been having some words lately, I know that Walter starts the conversation so I am concentrating on getting him to understand that he and Sammy have to get along. They are both intact so I know that is the problem and especially with Walter as he has to share his home and he thinks sharing is something he does not want to do. We are working it out and both a doing better. Sammy is tending to ignore Walter now and that is perfect. Walter can still be top dog but has to accept Sammy into the pack.
As they get out and get more exercise the problem will get better. I have found that tired dogs are good dogs, exercise is so important. This winter was hard on the dogs, no where to run, too much snow and ice. We all got cabin fever. Time for some fun in my fenced agility area. 
I need to pick up some Wondercide, it is a natural product for fleas and ticks, and it works, so much better than using the chemical spot on. Time to get this day started especially while the pups are sleeping. Once they wake all they want is out and they don't hesitate to let me know.


Tuesday, April 30, 2019


Pups are out of the pen and running in the kitchen, a good day for play. Not nice enough outside to get any work done and even though it is gray and gloomy the pups are full of vinegar and happy to play. They have two new toys and they just love them and fight over them. Not real fighting just tugging and trying to take the toy away from whoever has it. 
Tomorrow morning they will all get baths and then in the afternoon go for their health check and their shots. This will be their first car ride and hope they do well with it. Right at this moment they are running around the table as fast as they can go.  Hopefully they will get really tired and take a long nap this afternoon. Now that they have experienced freedom for the past couple of weeks that is all they want, run and play. Once the pen is cleaned and they go back for their lunch, the will cry, bark and howl, they don't want to be in there. 
They are ready for their new homes, time to bond with their new families. I will miss them, Topaz might at first but she is happy to be done with caring for them. Although right now she is up here playing with them. It took her awhile to learn to be a good Mom, and I bet her next litter way in the future, she will be an awesome Mom. The pups develop so fast, they are ready to learn things like sit and lie down, learning at this young age, 8 weeks they will remember forever. Their little brains are like sponges, they catch on so quickly and are so proud of themselves when they do get it. 
The next stage, eight weeks to sixteen weeks, their development is up to the new families.
This is the time that they need to be socialized as much as possible and as much as is safe and not overwhelming. You will find with giving the attention that is needed as this age you will have confident and happy young adults.
Time to clean the pen again and put the pups in for lunch and hopefully a nap! And maybe not!!
Here are a few photos you might enjoy!

Wednesday, April 24, 2019


This morning due to the fact that I had to go for blood work early, really upset the routine for the dogs. They all went out at the same time as usual, around 6 am. Once they were all out I got the pups cleaned up and fed. I went to get the dogs and the young ones went back into their crates. They were confused but were good about going back. I tried to tell them it would only be for a short time and then we would have their cookies. My seniors all went back upstairs, expecting their morning treat, but no time for that. I could see the question on Keepers face, what is going on, this is not right. His eyes showed exactly what he was thinking. I did a quick handful of treats, that helped some. Brooke who always barks at me when I pick up my purse was quiet. I could see her saying, this is not right, its too early for you to be going out. Normally she gets quite rowdy when I leave, but this morning she was quiet as a mouse. My dogs are so into their routine, that when it changes they just don't know for sure what is going on or how to handle it. Their expressions go from questioning to comical. I would love to know just what they were thinking, and they do think. Don't ever think that they don't know how to think. I have watched them think things through and then make choices. Especially in agility training. There is the A frame with the tunnel right next to it. I would tell Jeep which obstacle to take and I could see him considering which was right, very tempting to take the wrong one when they are right next to each other. He always hesitated a moment and then made the right choice and took the correct obstacle. Keeper who does not like to go outside, always thinks about what I am asking. When it is raining he will look at me and I can see him saying "are you kidding me, I don't think so." 
They all have such different personalities but they all show me at times that they think. These Shelties are so intuitive, they seem to know my thoughts and they sure know my body language. It is past their breakfast time but they are all being good and waiting while I have my coffee. The minute I stand up from the computer they will be up and headed downstairs for breakfast.
Jeep is living with a friend of mine so that he can continue to work in agility. He is a fast dog and I am no longer able to keep up with him, actually it was always a challenge to keep up while he was running. 
I hope to continue with Bonnie's training in obedience, then go on to Rally, you can talk with your dog while competing and there is no running. Also Sammy needs some beginner obedience. So a busy spring coming up.
For now the puppies take up a lot of my time. They are most important as they are developing so fast. I want them to be able to handle the transition to their new homes without any problems. They are doing well.
The dogs have been so good waiting for breakfast that I need to stop writing for now and take care of them.

Monday, April 22, 2019


Last week was pretty busy, with  puppy people visiting and family visiting to see the pups too.
I could not squeeze out the time to write. Will try to make up for it this week. 
The pups are growing like weeds and personality is starting to blossom. They love running in the kitchen, I let them run a couple of times a day and then just before bed, they sleep really well. I am really pleased with the homes that each pup are going to. They will be well loved and cared for, exactly what you want for your babies and as they grow I am becoming more attached to all of them. Lots of work now but I am enjoying them so much.
Many chores to get caught up with and the weather is making it hard. I have hay in my dog yard to help with the mud but with so much rain even the hay is soaked and needs to be raked out. I will get a start on that this morning. I also need to make another dump run. Not my favorite job. Will get to that soon so I can get that crossed off the list.
I think I may need to buy some floor decking that is used outside to keep the dogs off the ground, they will need that until things dry up. Sure is not looking very dry this upcoming week.
Groomed two dogs over the weekend and need to get the rest of the seniors finished up. I will do that gradually this week. 
Now that the snow is finally gone the yard is a mess. It snowed early last fall before we could get all the leaves cleaned up. So now double work. I do have someone who will help me with this. Thankfully it is not all up to me.
There is now standing water in the agility area and once that goes I will be able to get the dogs out so they can really run and stretch their legs. Always something to keep them from running
It is a lot of work socializing the pups alone, Len used to help me with that. He loved to take pups on the couch with him. 
A nice Easter day for us. The dogs and I watched the movie Jesus of Nazareth and it sure brings back the meaning of life. Always good to reflect on that. I am thankful for every day that I can get up and take care of my animals.
So many thoughts today but really need to get going on my list of chores and getting the dump run done is priority.
Also puppy pictures need to be updated.
To me Easter is a renewal and time to move forward!
Wishing a good week for all of you!


Friday, April 12, 2019


Pups moved to the kitchen. Now they are more involved with the daily routine and confusion. I have two small puppy beds that I put in their pen, they are so cute, three in one bed and two in the other and they keep the beds clean.  At first Topaz would run to the other room where they used to be, she is realizing they have moved. Topaz slept in her own kennel last night and that worked out well. I fed the pups at 8 just before bed and then Topaz fed them before I took her to her crate. She still woke up early but not barking as frantically as before. They all go out together which is much easier. While they are out I go clean pups and make their breakfast. They all pooped in one spot which is so easy. They caught on to the beds so quickly. After the pups are fed and all set I make my coffee. Then everyone comes up for our coffee hour. A little bit of normalcy is back. The visiting girls are gone and two less sure helps with the work.
My drive ways are clear, even though my training area is not, I will start with some basic obedience with Sammy. He had come here for me to work with his ears, as they had fallen down, I do have them up and tipped, all the hair shaved off and hopefully they will strengthen. It is so much better to work with ears when the pups are young and teething. I can hope but it is hard to say if they will come back. If not he won't be able to be shown but he sure can do performance, starting with obedience, beginner obedience is something all dogs should go through. Makes them easier to live with when they know their boundary's. Also helps with bonding and confidence building. Bonnie started at 8 weeks and remembers most of it. Walter went through two puppy classes for basic obedience. He also remembers this early training. When Walter is mature with full coat we will give the show ring a shot and see what happens.He is a lovely boy and maybe we can even get a handler for him. I would love to see him successful in the shows. Time will tell.
I will get some photos of the pups running in the kitchen and using their tunnel.
The dogs have been so good this morning, sometimes they get into trouble, but today very good.
Time for their breakfast, and their clocks have not gone off yet. Peaceful until I say the word!
I think I will just enjoy a few more minutes of peace.


Thursday, April 11, 2019


Now that the pups are on news paper they will need regular baths, the news print eventually makes their white become dull. And at five weeks papers are needed. They are eating four meals a day and pooping allot. The real work has begun. Having them in the kitchen will be so good for them. Several times during the day all the dogs are in with me and the activity will be good for them. I can also get out their little tunnel and the exercise will be fun and good for them. 
They got their usual soft food this morning and after I gave them a small bowl of kibble and they all chewed and were able to eat it. Another week, they may totally be on dry kibble.
Rosie will love having the pups in the kitchen as she loves puppies and is so good with them, she will play but is very gentle. She will grab a toy and get them to play. For a seven year old it is pretty amazing that she loves the pups. She just loves everyone. She is my special friend. She can read me so well, she will give hugs, climb up on your lap and put her paws around your neck. She loves hugging. I know what she is thinking too. When everyone goes out to potty and she refuses I know she does not have to go. She may want to go out twenty minutes later but she does have to go. To show you how smart she is, when everyone is out and it is time to come in Brooke will just stand in the doorway and not come in. I have to go get a piece of kibble to lure her in. It usually works. Since Rosie is such a chow hound she decided she would go back out and stand next to Brooke, she knew exactly what she was doing, anything for an extra piece of kibble. I finally told her that I am not playing that game and if she wants to be in it has to be when I ask, she did come in. She has always come in when called but she saw how she could get a piece of kibble. She thinks! It is so amazing to watch her think and make choices. 
In training my dogs I try to give them the opportunity to make choices and think. They often make the right choice especially if they are well along in their training. 
Another dog sport that is fun for them and mentally tiring is nose work. Some are really tuned into it. I start with three boxes and in one put the treat. When they find it I make a big deal over that and they get excited. They love scenting and surprisingly enough it does wear them out.
So when you can't get out to exercise this is a fun game to play, of course it has to be one at a time. 
For the pups the tunnel will be their first exposure to having fun and thinking. 
Topaz will feed her pups before bedtime but will then be sleeping in her crate. I just need a short break from her 5am mornings. She will be happier. The pups are messy early in the morning and Topaz does not get much space. She is happy to let me cleanup now. 
I am still covered with snow here and it will be at least another week before I can get out to my exercise area. Once it is clear I like to give the pups an opportunity to experience grass. 
This has been a long and wearing winter, we had snow late October and just again on April 8 and 9th. At this rate we will be skipping spring. 
Lots of chores this morning and then will be the fun part of letting the pups run in the kitchen.
                                                             TOPAZ & PUPS

Tuesday, April 9, 2019


Pups are 5 weeks tomorrow and are really looking like Sheltie pups. They are doing so well. Today they will spend some time in the kitchen. They are really getting into playing with each other. So much fun to watch. 
Well the dogs alerted me to something in the basement. My dog room is down there as it is a walk out, daylight basement. Perfect place for my crates for the young dogs. I also have a kitchen sink and I feed the dogs there. 
The other day Walter was scenting something and running around like crazy. He knew something. I was coming down the stairs and this little white thing ran past into the old part of the basement. Scared me and I could not figure out what it is. I got on line and it is an Ermine, a member of the weasel family. I don't know how it got in here or why it would want to.Maybe it followed a mouse. Anyway it needs to go so I am borrowing a small humane trap and will catch it and take it a couple of miles away and let it go. At least it is afraid of the dogs. It is bad enough that we have more snow that has to be shoveled. Let alone having to catch this critter. It actually is cute, pure white with pink eyes. But I really don't want it here. I will have the trap tomorrow and I understand if I put cat food in it that will lure it in. 
I just have to keep a good eye on the dogs as I believe Walter thinks he could catch it. I really can't wait to get it out of here. Thankfully it stays in the basement. 
It is amazing that he could scent it and realize it does not belong here. Maybe he has a new calling in life, a go to earth dog, that would be very odd for a Sheltie. LOL
The young dogs love the snow and are out  there now, running and playing. Hopefully Topaz wears herself out and will be ready to spend a little time with her babies. She was up and ready to go out at five this morning. A bit early for me but when the dogs are calling you can't put it off. Topaz especially. She has been good about spending the night with her pups so I really can't complain. I hope that when she is older and has another litter that her maternal instincts will kick in a little better. She does care for them when she is with them, it is just that I have to put her in with them. 
Time to cut puppy nails again, I can just lay them on their backs on my lap and clip away. They are really good with that. I am going to start with a soft brush  today and get them used to being groomed. So with that and letting them run in the kitchen for awhile that should be enough for today. I want them to get used to changes gradually. 
A little more snow and freezing rain this afternoon. Well time to get the youngsters in, and dry them off. They don't mind being wet but I do, it can't be that comfortable. 
A few new puppy photos that I took yesterday.