Saturday, October 27, 2018

I sure have a hard time keeping up this blog. I have been spending time thinking about which dogs I should place and what would be best for each one.  I decided that Keeper needed to be a full time house dog and get more training than I was giving him. He also does not like Girly my cat, and would always want to chase her and she was afraid of him.
I friend of mine came to visit him a couple of times and she and her husband decided that they would love to make Keeper a part of their family. They have one Sheltie  and that will be perfect for Keeper. He will be a full time house dog and get alot of training. He has so much potential and now he can fulfill his potential. I am looking forward to seeing what he can accomplish.
My boy Luke, who has been my only stud dog went sterile about a year ago so I made the decision to find him a good home where he will  be a full time house dog and get some more training. I was fortunate in that a couple called and were looking for a Sheltie and not a puppy. They came to meet Luke and they loved him. So on the third of November he will be going to his new home and he will continue with his therapy training. I am really happy for Luke too. It is a life he will love. 
I will miss both these boys as I love them both, but I want a better life for them and they will have more time and attention than I can do. With multiple dogs it is hard to give everyone the same attention and training. I will now have seven Shelties and four of them are seniors so there is no need of training. I have three youngsters and all three will get more time and training. It will be better for them and they do need the work. Looking forward to doing classes with them and maybe a title or two.
Once again I will try to keep up this blog, maybe I should write early every morning.

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